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    German Health Official Announces All Germans Will Be Vaccinated, Cured, Or Dead

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    Biden Admin Considers Shutting Down Another Pipeline Amid Record Gas Prices

    Happy to put Joe in a trunk and help people search for him...
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    Message to the world from Australia Aboriginal elders
  4. 1

    Rand Paul EVISCERATES Fauci Over Gain Of Function Research In Latest Confrontation

    im 1/2 a planet away living under a rock..god i wish my arms were long enough to go through the screen and strangle this Fauci is this man still alive....surely someone has a spare pine box for him...shits me no end that people like this breathe the same oxygen us us
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    Ben Shapiro Turns Up the Heat on the Biden Admin

    God Id love to see Ben in the courtroom against a judge...
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    Glenn Youngkin Delivers Energetic Victory Speech

    And he won without dead people and photcopiers...well done
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    DeSantis Calls Biden Admin the “Brandon” Admin, Internet Explodes

    Can we have this guy for our Prime Minister in Australia....pleeeeease
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    Australia need your help SOS - worldwide embassy protest -see video from one of our political prisoners just released before they take it down THANK YOU FOR SHARING AND YOUR SUPPORT...LETS GO BRANDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Caravan Coming To US Doubled Overnight And Overtake National Guard

    Hilarious..Taliban and Al- Quada will be loving this
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    Caravan Coming To US Doubled Overnight And Overtake National Guard

    The border troops should all just stand down in protest..whats the difference...let it be a free - for - all....take the border down....
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    ‘Barack Obama is a heartless monster’…

    and US voted for him because he was BLACK and CLEAN..hilarious
  12. 1

    Bill Gates Sold His Soul … !

    Well weve been waiting 2000 yrs for God to stop this madness but he seems to love sitting up there watching in pride and love at the pain he puts on us....God created all this in his image...he is the DEVIL...youve been HAD