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  1. carla_rogers

    MAGA, we have, hardly, any Republican representation … !

    exception is the military, plowing ahead with covid vaccine mandate
  2. carla_rogers

    MAGA, we have, hardly, any Republican representation … !

    Both had donors requesting they not vote. Hargerty was elected in 2020. Thune is up for reelection in 2022. God, I would love to see that cocksucker voted out in a primary.
  3. carla_rogers


    This is an important case. I look forward to seeing how the Freeman and Ross explain what we see on the video. The election computers should have proof of what was happening, but the contents of the computers is nearly always unavailable.
  4. carla_rogers

    need help fake investigations to collaose rumble

    Who is investigating? What is being investigated?
  5. carla_rogers

    I Found A Way to Fix the Media

    The Trust Project set standards for journalism. I have noticed a pattern of problems in journalism, so I thought I would mention the problems to them, along with a recommendation on how to correct them. The Trust Project Authority: We base our work on research, evidence and the core ideals of...
  6. carla_rogers

    Checking for Bull Hockey from Alleged Hero County Clerk in Mesa County, Colordo

    Email to U.S. Election Integrity Plan, a new grass roots MAGA group in Colorado trying defuk Colorado election. This group is a strong advocate for Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk, whom you might remember from Day 2 of the Great Cyber Symposium™ of 2021™ in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I beg you...
  7. carla_rogers

    In 2024, How Long after Being Sworn In Should Donald Trmmp wait Before Invoking Insurrection Act to Start War on the Left?

    Only long enough to fire the generals and promote the right Colonels to the top of the military. Send the military to seize and shut down: FBI CIA CBS news ABC news MSNBC NYTimes WaPo National Public Broadcasting Facebook Google Twitter Military Orders to Arrest Pelosi Schumer McConnel Schiff...
  8. carla_rogers

    Rittenhouse Lawyer Gave greatest Closing Argument

    I was afraid of the same thing. But, HOW ABOUT THAT JURY OF AMERICANS?! Rejected all the propaganda and likely had to overcome a lot of pre-trial bias (according to polling done by Richard Baris and explained by Robert Barnes). American ethics are alive. We might see their death, but we...
  9. carla_rogers

    Trump wins election 100% to 0 many about to go to Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

    What is the reason for the imposters? When running for President, what is required for proof of citizenship and identity?
  10. carla_rogers

    Anyone Made a List of FBI Assets Working In this Forum?

    Where exactly is WR Chat? If you can help me out with that, I would be very grateful.
  11. carla_rogers

    FACT - current Administration is ILLEGITITMATE

    I agree with this. Same thing applies to the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson, starting November 22, 1963.
  12. carla_rogers

    @Aubrey James - A Turd Captured on Hook Fishing for Government Operatives

    @Aubrey James is flapping like a fish in the bottom of a boat. 1. He shows up in a thread that starts with a hypothesis that says (paraphrasing), "based on what we see the FBI doing in Michigan, Jan. 6, all the fake terror plots they instigated so they could bust them, Oklahoma City, etc...
  13. carla_rogers

    Anyone Made a List of FBI Assets Working In this Forum?

    Evaluating @Aubrey James, my line of thought is: [this post has been moved to start a new thread, at this link]
  14. carla_rogers

    Anyone Made a List of FBI Assets Working In this Forum?

    So overal You are g-man #3.