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    Cheney shot his "bird hunting" partner & judge on a hunting trip in So. E. TX.
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    BREAKING: Radical House Dems Pass D.C. Statehood Legislation

    If we won't fight for Country, when the time of the Great Final battle comes, we won't fight for think about that!
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    Please Report Any Changes in Government Benefits that Occur in Your Life Since You Became a Deplorable

    I don't know about the CCP, But someone didn't approve of my populist activity. Another ph. "Crashed" this AM just as the previous episode got started.
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    The Border Border Crisis Is Here

    Great reporting on Biden's Border Boondoggle
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    Gaetz: MAGA is Not Going to Continue to Donate to 'Clowns' at RNC

    The Republican party needs someone like Trump, who can accomplish what Trump did, serve for eight years. A younger, version of Trump that's NOT a Trump.
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    Gaetz: MAGA is Not Going to Continue to Donate to 'Clowns' at RNC

    I think Matt Getz just gave a very convincing reason why we have to form a third party. The "big gun donors" will never succumb to anyone in the party that doesn't go "their way." We will never rid the party of the go-alongs to get-along Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy.
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    Fog City Midge is ON FIRE!

    FC Midge is trying to convey what she is hearing from sources on the street. I'm hearing the same on the plainscof W. TX. Trump had a great plan, but might not be the right person to go forward with the America First Plan.
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    War Room is nearly completely ignoring the most important challenge ahead of us. Why?

    Have you considered becoming active in your precinct for elections?. To straighten out the election process, it will require all 74M of us actively participating in establishing new election laws, observing to ensure they are enforced in the precient, helping to train & set up observers during...
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    Transhumanism is the new religion of the technocratic elite

    Transhumanism was already being covered in the sociology, & Behavior Psychology textbooks of the mid-late 1970's. The warning signals have all come of age as technology progressed. Yes, we have arrived almost to the point of becoming the creator of the created. It will be necessary to sustain...
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    Jim Acosta Gets Worked by Federalist Reporter (Video) better believe it!
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    Trump Calls Out EVERY Republican Who Voted for Impeachment

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    Biden Was Completely Lost in Texas Yesterday (Video)

    ..and TX is the holy grail for Democrats. Dems are moving from "see how great this canadate is" to "see how compromised this elected official is." As overtly as they show off their best, they will now have to drag "poor ole Joe" thru the mud to exemplify why he needs replacing. I'm sure Joe or...
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    Navarro: "Kevin McCarthy has to go"

    Agree McCarthy is a "McConnell wanna-be"..NEXXXXXT?