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    Trump live moments ago NYPD station

    Thank you for posting this video; cannot get enough of Trump.
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    You are rude and a fool. Greitens is a navy seal and will never be a "toy." Why don't you take a hike.
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    Take a Pause for 9/11: Anheiser Busch 911 Tribute

    Folks I am lousy at linking things in, please watch the AB 911 tribute and disregard the rest. I was born and raised in STL so you know I am so proud of this AB tribute.
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    Take a Pause for 9/11: Anheiser Busch 911 Tribute

    Take a breath, cry, and morn, but waste no time putting your battle armor back on because we are going to have to fight this terrorist war all over again. I think we all know in our hearts what a sad day this is and the sadness of having to do this all over again. However, now, at a time when...
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    What's the DECENT, MORAL, thing to do?

    80% of what you worry about never happens anyway. Hope springs eternal and we have the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost to thank for that. We can sit here and think the worst or we can do what we can while we can for the Glory of God. In God We Trust forever and ever.
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    Anyone else think that the Anti-Christ is here in the world now? What else explains the tremendous evil that abounds these days? Any insights?

    The reason why there is so much evil in the world is because we are in it. Don't blame everything on the anti-christ or satan. Humans can be pretty bad all by themselves. Abortion was the beginning of the end. When a society does not value life, there is no life.
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    Trump just took Georgia …

    From what I gather, Big Brother is not going to be in a position to help anyone pretty soon. They already spent all the money and I am not so sure congress is going to give them any more: so what are the Dems going to do with all those refugees?
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    I disagree. Bannon is smart enough to know that when you have a weak president like Biden, people will eventually start to listen to those who know he did not win the election. In other words, you give a fool enough rope he will hang himself. Steve knows more about the psychology of politics...
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    You are a War Room VIP member, really? And you want specifics? There is nothing I can do or say to you that would convince you that there is value in knowledge.
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    Here’s the Latest on Signatures to Decertify …

    Folks sign the petition please it only takes a minute.
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    Get Behind Trump Doing More Rallies NOW

    This is a suggestion I sent to President Trump's website this morning. I think he needs to shake it up which is what he is so good at. What do you think? Dear Mr. President: Now that the Arizona audit is soon to be publicized, would you please consider doing a rally there shortly after it...
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    Everybody needs to calm down. Regardless of what you think of Steve Bannon he works his tail off bringing to light what is around the curve. He has contacts every where and brings them on the program when there is news to tell. I don't really see how Steve is playing anyone. We are not the...
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    Trump Releases POWERFUL Video Destroying Biden Over Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

    Thank you for the audio and videos. For the Biden Administration to think that we are all just going to get on with our lives after this is insane. I am so disgusted and disheartened for the soldiers that died and their families, and the injured and the Americans and our Afgan allies all...
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    Joe Biden's Health

    According to the study done In Isreal, people who took the vaccine early are now experiencing other diseases. I would like your opinion. Do you think it is possible that Joe Biden may be having complications from the vaccine which may explain his absence on so many issues. We know he had...
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    We Have the Momentum

    The GI Bill set out after WWII. I reminded him of the provisions that my father and his buddies took advantage of and if he wanted to help military vets, bring it back: and he did.