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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 868 (4/12/2021)

    Her consulting firm is making money on it
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 868 (4/12/2021)

    She is also close to the Pope.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 868 (4/12/2021)

    Lynn is the ex-wife of a man named Stein who ran for mayor of NYC. He was a representative from Manhattan. She has a consulting firm called Inclusive Capital, I believe. A former lawyer and investor, she is quite rich from her own efforts.
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    War Room Throws Jack Maxey Under the Bus!

    I enjoyed Jack. Clearly, there has been a split. It could be intentional and not nefarious as everyone thinks. Steve cannot run the risk of being banned because Jack is out spreading the news about the Biden crime family. Think about it. The thing we all need to focus on is changing the...
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    AOC Reveals Socialist "Easter Egg" Hidden in Recently Passed $1.9T Stimulus

    The people who signed on the dotted line to borrow funds need to repay the debt. The entire fuc&&ng nation thinks that everything is free. It isn't. Human beings? Most human beings have a brain and know how to run a household, company, non-profit or corporation, but you are plain stupid, Alex.
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    AOC Reveals Socialist "Easter Egg" Hidden in Recently Passed $1.9T Stimulus

    They call that imputed income. What kind of an idiot are you, Alex?
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    JUST IN: Dems Introduce New Bill To Permanently Ban Trump

    What a mean, spiteful and ugly group of people.
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    Navarro: Fauci is the 'Source of the CCP Virus'

    My husband said that Fauci never “quarantined” gays from having sexual relations. But, he stopped us from living our lives. If you think about it, Fauci is too PC where infectious disease is concerned.
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    Cuomo Advisers Altered Report on Covid-19 Nursing-Home Deaths

    I will bet that New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan did the same. II believe the next scandal related to seniors and Covid is the inability of many to obtain the vaccine because younger people without any pre-existing health conditions are jumping the line. Some are in their early thirties.
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    I do not think his grandmother was his sole problem. He clearly has issues with his mother and her disregard for convention of any type. This created a man who wanted to destroy any semblance of conventional living. He hates the standards of convention that society imposes upon people. Race...
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    This is a slippery slope. When I took a class in political geography forty years ago, the professor said that a nation state has three qualifications that keeps it intact: well defined borders, a singular language and identification with one capital. If there is no oath of allegiance to the...
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    Is the Az Audit just political theater?

    Be careful with the private schools. They are sometimes more liberal than the public schools. Ask Megan Kelly why she took her kids our of the schools in NYC. I would use the Christian schools or keep my children at home. I spent tons of money on private school educations for my children...