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    Bombshell Ties Between Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party Revealed

    Ok, if we know all of this, why haven’t they been charged?? Sounds like it should’ve happened in the 90s.
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    AOC Reveals Socialist "Easter Egg" Hidden in Recently Passed $1.9T Stimulus Article V of the constitution
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    We are at War

    We are actively under attack by multiple entities, both domestic and foreign. Our institutions are all corrupt. Trump passed on the insurrection act, probably the last thing that could’ve saved the country, and the free and fair voting system is over. Even if we take up all precinct committee...
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    Navarro: Stop Buying Made in China Products

    Mike lindell did an interview with charlie Kirk on fri or sat and mike said in about 10 days he is hoping to have some type of platform out for us. He said it’s “been four years in the making” in anticipation of these times 🤩
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    Ballots Found Shredded in Maricopa County Dumpster From 2020 Election

    When will we see justice? What do we have to do to bring offenders to justice??
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    Navarro: Stop Buying Made in China Products

    I love this! We need a coordinated effort to make a difference. BANNON- please do this!!!
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    Lin Wood Was RIGHT!

    WHY CANT THIS GET TO MSM?! Why won’t anyone with major platforms release this?! Don’t we have anyone on our side who can play dirty if necessary and get this information to the populous??? What can we do to get this investigated and prosecuted by good guys? Are there any good guys left? 😢
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    Coming Soon: Climate Lockdowns

    I agree. Everyone was far too complacent far too quickly with obedience. If we refuse, who will protect us? Most police seemed to have no problem following their orders and I’m certain the military would fall in line as well. 😢