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    ...and along the way, we'll see a surge of coincidental "suicides"?
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    Breaking — Steve Bannon indicted by Merrick Garland…

    Steve, the posse's got your back. Whatever you need. As you like to say, "We've had a belly full!"
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    War Room Broadcast Sabotaged??

    Please help me understand… here in Idaho, I watch the morning War Room from 8 to 10am over my house antenna on Boise digital station KRID-LD channel 22.1. This morning, the channel was blank, and much later a “technical difficulties” screen, yet the other KRID digitals 22.2,22.3,22.4 etc up...
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    Amazon Had Terrifying Mass Surveillance Techniques We Don’t Need

    so..... I went to the federalist web site to read this article.... here's what I got: Safari Can’t Open the Page Safari can’t open the page...
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    Is Response from Idaho Rep. representative of Rino behavior within the GOP?

    Risch, Crapo and Simpson are for sure RINO's. Uniparty long-time do-nothing career grifters. All three need to go. I've had similar experiences in my emails with all three of them: they dodge, evade, muddle, and word salad replies. I'd go back in time and take Democrat Senator Frank Church over...
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    Dump Idaho RINO Crapo, but don't forget to dump the other Idaho RINO Risch

    Yes dump the useless RINO Crapo. A career grifter with 3 terms House, starting 1992, followed by 6 terms Senate, starting 1998. Now in upcoming May 2022 primary vs. young Republican Jeremy Joseph Gilbert. The top 3 highlights of Crapo's service as a politician include: 1) 2) 3) As for Idaho...
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    Time to consider this:

    Mr. Lindell is my guy, 100%. He is a patriot and a man of God with immense courage, putting his fortune and his all right on the line so that you may live in freedom. Not an ounce of criticism from me, ever. Maybe try some prayers instead of your sniping.
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    Lindell, show the receipts

    highsea, appreciate your comments. seems to me, as well-versed as you are, why didn't you go to Iowa to win the $5mil? with your expertise, that would have been a lay-up for you?
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    Mike Lindell

    I'll stick up for Mr. Lindell all day long -- take all of you combined, all you do is sit around, type and spout off on this forum. What resources of your own have you put out that compares with Mr. Lindell's investment of time, treasure and personal effort? His strength to stand up to all of...
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    Calgary now one of the world's epicenters for despicable persecution of Christians. Who do these police report to? Who's the mayor? I'd like to see the names of these cops, the ones cowering behind masks... it's so really brave of them to send multiple police units and make a pastor do a perp...
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    Pastor Pawlowski and his brother arrested by canadian gestapo nazis

    How despicable this story, it speaks volumes about evil canada... see the stories and videos at