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  1. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2065 (8/9/2022)

    Jayne, Your dress is just lovely. Thank you for dressing like a young woman, a young lady!!!
  2. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2064 (8/9/2022)

    ...and a deep investigation into the millions and billions going to one of the most corrupt countries in the world -Ukraine. Are people thinking about Ukraine, the EU, NATO, Canada, the US - that they are all globalists and heavily infiltrated with the WEF?? Russia and Brics are not!
  3. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2063 (8/9/2022)

    Investigate and prosecute thoroughly.
  4. J

    why is Steve supporting Alex Jones??

    My husband and I got covid and we got clots. We did not get the vaccine. DO not be too sure of yourself.
  5. J

    There It Is: Chuck Schumer Admits the REAL Reason for the FBI Raiding Trump

    Yes, the Dems WILL pay a price for this!!!
  6. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2026 (7/25/2022)

    He was / is a servant/leader
  7. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2024 (7/23/2022)

    How does Rumble stay in business? Stop and start, stop and start. Mostly it is the Warroom videos that don't play properly.
  8. J

    WH officials SPEECHLESS when they learn Kamala violated CDC guidance

    BS - closer than six feet is closer than six feet.
  9. J

    Will Steve’s trial be livestreamed?

    This, VivaFrei, may be the closest to live you can get now.
  10. J

    War Room Battleground - Episode 83 (6/29/2022)

    It is so hard to watch Rumble - stop and start, stop and start.... no way for them to upgrade their quality? Of course they did not check Hutchinson's testimony any more than they checked Schiff's version of Trump's phone call to Zelensky!
  11. J

    Mayor Lightfoot CONFRONTED - "After All The Harm You've Caused..."

    so glad he was able to confront her. can't wait till she's gone.
  12. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1707 (3/14/2022)

    Thank you for writing - I just love this stuff - especially in this age of name-calling and the speed with which some jump to conclusions about others. Your posts are always such an encouragement to me!
  13. J


    In the midst of several comments showing solidarity with Canadian truckers, Nveric wrote, "Am I the only one showing solidarity with the Truckers ?'' Nveric.
  14. J

    New Interview with Jack Maxey - it's all coming out this week

    Thank you so much for posting this - otherwise, I may have not seen it for a long time - If I can find the url, I will be posting it everywhere I can.