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  1. J

    War Room Battleground - Episode 7 (3/15/2022)

    Tell the FBI agents involved in the kidnapping plot that their facing 100 years in rosin for kidnapping of a Governor! They will sing like a canary!
  2. J

    “The globalist war party agitates, but Zelensky says he’s ready to meet Putin.”

    I feel sorry for Ben, you cut him off twice, he looked down while you talked , and you see him put his head for minutes! Let them talk please.
  3. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1704 (3/12/2022)

    Steve, we win, you die!
  4. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1704 (3/12/2022)

    If your going to take over the conversation from your guests, and not let them talk , at least don’t spin his words .
  5. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1701 (3/11/2022)

    Could she have been seting up a future situation?
  6. J

    Biden Admin on High Gas Prices: Just Buy an Electric Car

    When you can’t produce electric because you don’t have energy, sucks more.
  7. J

    Reporter reads statements from REAL Americans to Psaki's face

    I despise these criminals that act like they know what’s going on, that act like we’re the stupid ones, can’t wait to see this one leave shamed and humiliated!
  8. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1687 (3/5/2022)

    On point Steve, they are destroying the world just to increase their wealth!
  9. J

    I am being attacked for questioning Trump... Even said to be "undermining" him by questioning him. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS???

    My question is, have you questioned Biden? He’s the one destroying America , he’s the one helping China, he’s the one undermining America ! So if you want to wuestion someone about what the F he’s doing, question Biden! Trump is not the president in your opinion!
  10. J

    Canada's Deputy PM: The Way to Get Your Bank Account Unfrozen Is to Stop Supporting Protesters

    I think that illegal activities are the governments mandates on vaccines , not protesting them . This government is trying to make trucking a government run operation, and that is why truckers are protesting the mandates! The government is a corrupt operation , trying to implement socialized...
  11. J

    DNC Chair Gives DEVASTATING Assessment of Life Under Biden

    The problem with Biden is he’s not working to help America, he’s working to help the communists who paid him, and his family. I will guarantee that China , North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, the Taliban, and I’m sure many more, have given Biden so much money to turn America on its ass. This is what...
  12. J

    Putin must be laughing hysterically after listening to Kamala speak on "war"

    What is she an actress now! It’s all fake, acting like she cares,