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    There’s A Crisis of Leadership Worldwide

    It is time to change the rhetoric and STOP giving power to the criminals in the global cabal by allowing THEM to dictate the terms of the discussion. It starts by refusing to call politicians and bureaucraps leaders as they were INTENDED to be SERVANTS. So, I propose that whenever anyone...
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    Commercial Goes Viral After Telling Biden Supporters "Don't Call Us"

    Time for all deplorables to follow this example, ESPECIALLY with marxists and rinos (as per Department of Redundancy Department).
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    Record Foreign Born Population In the United States

    That is fine but it won't correct the existing problem of having 30-40 MILLION illegals here. What MUST be done is to enforce the laws prohibiting illegals from being here, working here, and especially getting ANY benefits. Once that is done they will mostly all self deport. If congress...
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    Record Foreign Born Population In the United States

    This is part of the goals in the Kalergi Plan. The ultimate goal is to eradicate all Caucasian people from earth. Here is the plan:
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    Bannon: Once In A Generation Opportunity To Destroy The Democrat Party

    Won't do any good to destroy the dems unless ALL the rinos are destroyed too.
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    “If I may finish!”: Kamala goes ballistic when asked about Biden’s disaster presser

    You are far too nice. She is an evil marxist whore who is working to destroy what is left of America.
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    This Is A Non-Deadly Disease If Treated Correctly

    It is non-deadly so long as you have access to and use all the proven treatments like Ivermectin, HCQ, Budesonide, IV-vit C, and the Zelenko protocol, AND avoid their bioweapon jab.
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    Dr. Malone: What’s Happening Here Is Different

    Marxists don't acknowledge any rule they did not create. Even ones they created are subject to change as they deem it necessary. Marxism is an existential threat to humanity in the same way islam is as they both want to exterminate all those who oppose them.
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    Tucker mocks the dwarf king…

    If planned Murderhood has failed, it is in murdering EVERY child while in the womb. They are spawns of satan who unless they repent, will spend eternity in hell with their master, satan.
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    Minnesota Gambling With Children’s Lives

    They are not gambling. They are PLANNING on murdering as many children as possible, while maiming those who don't die. This is literally a true scorched earth war intended to decimate the entire earth of ALL life. Satan's final act of hate towards God's creation. Come Lord Jesus!
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    Joe Biden’s Solution is To Vaccinate The World

    Steve, it is NOT Biden's policy. He does not know where he is or what day of the week it is. He is a literal puppet with no ability to have a cogent discussion on anything, much less develop a policy of his own.
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    Shocking new poll shows "how much hatred there is" for Biden.

    The biblical premise is to hate the sin but "love" the sinner. It does NOT mean ignoring the sin or tolerating it in any way. I don't hate Biden though I despise his policies as I despise ALL policies that are anti God, which is what the entire dnc and most of the rnc have become.
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    Shocking new poll shows "how much hatred there is" for Biden.

    Racism is a lie fabricated by the marxists to divide us. Biologically, there is only ONE race of humans on earth, namely Homo Sapiens. Accepting the lie perpetuates it.
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    The Government Colluded Against It’s Own People

    Reinstitute Citizen grand juries backed by Militias. Did you know that Militias are the ONLY thing called "necessary" in the entire Constitution? You are correct that the "legal" system is utterly corrupt which is what the criminals want.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1586 (1/24/2022)

    If DJT picks candidates using the same "advisors" he followed to pick his administration, this will be a complete disaster as every pick he made (other than Steve Bannon) turned out to be a total disaster as they all worked AGAINST him.