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    domestic violent extremists

    ALL BEWARE: Domestic violent extremists exist within the Biden Junta. The Junta is considered very dangerous. The Junta has attacked our government and the people of the USA.
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    Rambler, On With Your Projection!

    YEP !
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    The infection is far and wide and makes no distinction between man or woman nor political affiliation or otherwise. With 70% of Americans falling into two main mindsets whereby action beyond their rock solid minds never go, there will be little that can change the course we are on without a...
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    Thanks for the question: "WHO DO YOU THINK GARLAND ANSWERS TO???"

    And the People too. For the butt sitting majority - NOT EVER ! It's time for a Radical Force of Peaceful Americans to . . . .
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    Actor Jon Voight releases POWERFUL pro-Trump message after raid

    Trump will weather this storm. Those Citizens who act for the Republic will strengthen themselves with resolve. The People hold all the power in this country, yet divisions and such keep them from resolving into cohesion. This period of fanatics who usurped our federal government will end soon...
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    MTG STUNS, files articles of impeachment against AG Merrick Garland

    It's the natural course to take !
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    FBI agents who raided Trump under criminal investigation by John Durham…

    Nice ! The obscenity against Trump and the People needs no answer because there is no answer from the Degenerates of the Biden Junta. Hunter Biden must have called this latest attack, for it has all the elements of a Crack Head - "whoooup Yea, who's next ? Chris ? Merrick ?"
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    MAGA’s ‘A Storm Coming From Mar-a-Lago Heading To Washington DC’

    DOJ has no case !!! Here's an interesting piece
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    DOJ could be in BIG trouble if Kash Patel's account is true

    DOJ / Biden Junta is grabbing at straws using boxing gloves. There is no case they can stand on no matter what was "found" - it is a non-issue as to what was confiscated. Most likely, Trump has any useful documents in another location(s).
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2071 (8/11/2022)

    Excellent Gorka rant !!!
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2069 (8/11/2022)

    NOTE: read Newsweek article which omits the June compliance entirely ! And now this:
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    The bozos who think arms will do the job, think again. There may be a time and place for arms to be actually used, but that is far off. Right now the public's firearms are a weapon of value when not being used. Let other weapons be used first, because the People have many of them. As city like...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2068 (8/10/2022)

    The Biden Regime reminds me of the 1980s, the coke-fueled decade where sniffffffffffff "Hey, that's a great idea, Go for it !"