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    Patriot Force California has received legally Voter Rolls we originally thought were 2020. It turns out they were from July 2019. We loaded the data and found, the 2019 Data shows over 1 million fewer registered voters than the numbers we have for 2020. As my fellow founding Member Larry states...
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    Patriot Force California
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    We Were Warned Way Back When

    "Look, folks. Either we all get together to build the barn, or these people will build it for us and hire a marketing firm to tell us how much we like it. I propose that we roll up our sleeves and get busy. It is my duty to tell you that as soon as we rebuild this one, we have to go over and...
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    Letter To AZ AG

    Letters To the AZ AG :
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    Bobby Piton Needs OUR Help

    I am a volunteer calling on behalf of Bobby Piton, who I bet is just the right kind of candidate you'd support! He has been endorsed by General Flynn and has already donated thousands of hours of his own time in the fight to expose fraud in AZ, PA, GA and other states! He is [pick two or three...
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    Mesa County Audit Report

    The Mesa County Audit Report :
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    Medical Update
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    Medical Update

    The patient is a 61-year-old man had abnormal EKG in March as a pre-op tests for upper endoscopy. He underwent TTE on 3/25/21 that showed a bicuspid aortic valve without aortic regurgitation and root aneurysm of approximately 5.4-5.5 cm. The ascending aorta was measured 4.3 cm. CT scan on...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1208 (8/27/2021)

    Thank You, a real intelligence Report!
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    What Are The Odds? One in a Trillion
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    The Symposium STING

    The one thing the gentleman got wrong? Mike has the p-Caps, and is going to release them on his website. The Symposium was hacked by Josh, and The Red Team caught him. That said, Mike has The P-Caps, and they would have been released. But the CO news and the capture of the Before and after, is...
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    The Symposium STING

    Alabama this afternoon
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    The Symposium STING

    Well done; I hope I inspired you to do this! Either Way, you are SPOT ON! I said it on Day 1