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    Virginia election fraud

    Word coming from Virginia: “My wife and I went for early voting in Virginia today, and something very disturbing happened. “We were both told we couldn't vote since we had requested and been sent absentee ballots. Since we had done nothing of the sort, we raised hell and they finally produced...
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    Is this real?
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    Is this real?
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    "Calgary Church hero Artur Pawlowski arrested by Canadian SWAT Team in the middle of busy highway…"

    This is just horrible. How can those police officers do this?
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    Drone strike

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    Drone strike

    BREAKING! Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Unknown explosion, according to unconfirmed report from Matthew Erich And Roger Stone stating that people speculated that there was a drone strike in the area nearby Roger Stones office that went under-reported. @OFFICIALCOMBATLVL
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    Fauci says masks contributed to deaths in the Spanish flu of 1918?
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    What the .....
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    Norway crimes against humanity
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    Norway crimes against humanity
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    Arizona ballots

    It sounds as if Arizona may only do a recount of ballots not a forensic audit. Won't they just be repeating the same error that was made the first time. Counting ALL the ballots not just the LEGAL ballots.
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    March 4

    I'm afraid there is a plot against the MAGA Deplorable. There are rumors of an uprising to be at the capitol on March 4. I am afraid they may have hired actors posing as Deplorables so that they can once again depict us as domestic terrorists.