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    Breaking — Steve Bannon indicted by Merrick Garland…

    Eric holder refused to comply and basically told congress to drop dead. He never did go. He left office and went on to enjoy the good life. A real schmuck. Steve Bannon knows a lot more than he shares, and congress Dem's and weak kneed republicans need to be very afraid. I will very...
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    VP Harris to NASA: Can You Measure Trees As Part of Environmental Justice?

    Living in Oregon, in the forest all of my life, I see more and more avocation for concrete jungles. Replacing the trees with concrete, steel and plastic. Its no wonder there is a climate change. Heavy forest create weather stability. The rain cleans the air. The rain feeds them, and takes...
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    Larry Elder responds to ‘racist hit piece’…

    Larry as highly criticized for saying that Biden won legitimately. Why did he do that? We know it was not true. Many say he tanked his bid for Governor of California.
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    MSNBC Attacks DeSantis For Not Arresting Cuba Protesters In Miami

    Where the arrests in Portland Oregon for burning and looting under the banner of "Protests" Give me a break.
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    US Capitol Acting Sergeant Arms Accidentally Confirms Lieutenant Who Killed Ashli Babbitt

    You can bet your booty that if the shooting was white on black, it already be in the courts. This mall cop shoots an unarmed woman who fought and risked her life for our country and this hot shot wants his day in the sun. He needs to be prosecuted NOW! It makes me sick that this kind of...
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    WH Press Sec Stuns, Unveils Biden's "Door-to-Door" Vaccine Push

    The Biden administration will keep pushing until he meets real resistance. "Don't come knockin" "just keep walkin" I will have none of it. I would be very afraid if I was recruited to pry into peoples worlds behind closed doors. I am sure that real hostility will prevail and it should.
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    Olympian Who Turned Back On Flag Says The Whole National Anthem Is Racist

    She should be disallowed from anything representing the United States of America. If it were not for our beautiful country flying our beautiful flag this "showboat" would be washing dishes in a foreign country. Maybe we should start a fund to help her with plane fare.
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    Press Sec Blames Lack Of Gun Control For Rise In Crime

    As a woman I am embarrassed by the little twit they call a press secretary. She is so stupid. She lack common sense and the ability to truly analyze any subject. Crime has become rampant due to the lack of police guidance and punishment for outrageous behavior by the citizens of this great...
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    The revolt could be staged by the businesses. If business demand that we comply with our feckless Governor then turn around and walk away from patronage. Brown was in the cross hairs of recall, but after the 3rd try, even tho they had the signatures, she felt emboldened. Now we reap what was...
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    I live in Oregon and I was born here over 80 years ago. I am sick about the path that they have taken. Idaho wants to absorb part of Oregon and I am all for it. Unless we can remove these Marksest for office and influence we are doomed.
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    Supreme Court rules warrantless home gun confiscation is unconstitutional in 9-0 vote

    Yes SCOTUS is afraid of court packing. Especially the Conservatives. The more they placate the Liberals the more they will demand. If Americans allow this to happen then they and they alone will suffer greatly at the hands of the woke Marxists.
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    Watch the Caitlyn Jenner Campaign Ad Everyone Is Talking About

    What an ad. Terrific. I really think she has it all. I am not in favor of the transgender stand, but this one says it all. California needs Caitlyn. Newsome is thru fooling Californians. You go Girl!! Love the video.
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    Kamala Claims "Fixing Climate Change" Will Solve Border Crisis

    (Climate Change)That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. What this woman knows about America and politics outside of her experience as a lawyer and prosecutor is all shes' got. Scares me to death that she is positioned to be the President of the US. God Help us.
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    Deleted for purpose of no humor 😂😂😂😂

    Steve is like a walking encyclopida. He has so much info stored, that when something triggers a word or an idea he is off and running. I do understand why he interrupts, however it is distracting. He even has a hard time stay with one thought sometimes because something he is saying takes him...