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Stop Being Delusional
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  • If you want to wake up to reality, like seriously wake up then read the following book with an open mind:

    The Kalergi Plan

    That is all you need to read to see how the past, present and future have been written in these books and who controls the world.
    When people say:

    ”The MAGA people will follow Trump anywhere”

    God that is so f***ing gringe. Trump isn’t a cult. Bunch of sheep bahhhhhh. Trump gave up. He had options and instead left office to make a stupid website. Whooptie doo. That will help when the communists take over. 🙄
    When males sit around crying over words others say makes you look like a pansy millennial. Trying to force people to get banned because you don’t like what they say then continue on daily about it. Wow. Sure you are even Male mate? Doubt it. Too many vaccines and tofu in you.
    Link won’t work, just blank for me. ???

    Ye, the link back to the war room doesn't work for me either. I'm using Brave with Start Page and my post works fine. Maybe its got something to do with my post on Tony the transvestite on Gorge at the ranch!
    Enough of the Q bs. Thought this forum was meant for Steve Bannons War Room. Not another haven for Q cultists. Only getting everyones Hopes up to let them down and make them sit on their ass some more. Q is a psyop, if he wasn’t he would be in prison alongside Julian Assange. Think about it, ffs. They don’t tolerate true patriots giving out information.
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