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    A W F U L. Somebody (from WR Staff) just tell us it's out of your control and we'll accept that. But if not - WAKE UP and get with the program tech folks, or go home and STEVE hire somebody that knows how to broadcast media on the web. SHEESH. Ads run great. Show runs sh*t. Again.
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    Pluto TV is really annoying today.

    Same again today.
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    JUNK broadcast again on Real America's Voice

    Feed is freezing, jumping, skipping, every 3-5 seconds...for 40 minutes now. What's the deal? I'll note: COMMERCIALS (on Pluto) run PERFECT. Just not WR. Anybody have an answer?
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    Stephen please look at this. France is gone. It's over.

    We're all being actively screwed on a daily basis from every direction, while we sympathize with your plight - it's a little abstract when run up against Maricopa County and Windham NH. Let's fix things for the living, plenty of time for the dead after.
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    Nah. All bought. SCOTUS passed, nobody else (en masse) will take up. The insanity version has already convinced almost all that have an intellectually honest open mind. All good.
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    Ha ha, yes I've noticed that personality quirk too. But really, like the Mike crit: B F D. I'll take honest and slightly insane over any other breed of dishonest ahole this world seemingly produces by the condom-load. I have no friends and am really proud of it. Nobody passes muster. But the WR...
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    Bannon/WR completely ignoring 2032 - to all our collective LOSS

    Addition: it's also not the time for Gold and Silver (sigh). Fundamental analysts always fail. Socrates does not. You want to play at being your own fund manager...don't listen to Phillip Patrick, spend...
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    Bannon/WR completely ignoring 2032 - to all our collective LOSS

    And why should YOU (or Bannon/WR) care? Because Martin Armstrong sure does. And it wasn't too long ago that Martin's AI (Socrates) correctly predicted the success of both Brexit and DJT 2016. I dare anyone to find anybody else that got both right. Nigel Farage was so impressed he presented at...
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    Bring Them ALL To Justice (Karl Denninger)

    Karl relates a 14 year frustration familiar to all of us here - the uneven application of The Rule of Law. Go read this article again. Then go read the list of lies. Now consider this; it is a stunning indictment of everything that has been done...
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    I’m sick of this show today

    To some extent these filler shows can occur because they can't otherwise match a solid booking against a solid headline. That's the difference between the smaller programs/channels and FauxNews (relative unlimited budget/ad sell/audience).
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    Long time lurker, first time poster has some comments

    Surely. A big part of why "we" get little to no legal traction unless "we" are the targets is thanks to him - As Armstrong states, this is a population control (e.g. reduction) model at...
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    Long time lurker, first time poster has some comments

    Clipped from today's Martin Armstrong: Our political models show an unbelievable Panic Cycle in 2022 and 2024 with the Directional Change in 2021 which we obviously achieved. I cannot stress enough that to get Panic Cycles in politics is just astonishing. I don’t really want to venture a guess...
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    Biden; "There may not be a Republican Party in 2024"

    Biden is dreaming. Democrat Party is in a Bear Market not Republican. They know. That's why the desperation to import as many new voters and ram through HR1 while there's still "hope" (don't worry - there isn't, for them)...
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    Long time lurker, first time poster has some comments

    Thank you but I can't take credit. I was merely reciting this - The writer is Karl Denninger. He's a very clear thinker. Gems posted daily.
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    Mike Lindell & Lawsuits

    We were already at war, soft war, with Trump food tariffs. China has a major food production problem, net importers in a large way. Nothing is scarier to "few" CCP than hungry 'nothing to lose' rioting 1B not-red Chinese.