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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1442 (11/26/2021)

    Steve let people talk !
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1442 (11/26/2021)

    Why do y’all talk over each other! you have a great show ! You have guests on there and they can’t get a word in ! Why do you have them on there if your not going to let them talk ? shut up and let them talk ! You and Peter are the worst when your both on there at the same time ! One at a time !
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    OSHA Suspends Vax Mandate Enforcement - Psaki Tells Businesses to Implement It Anyway

    That is one stupid lying red rocket ! Pup sickle!
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    "Piece of s***!": Situation Turns TENSE Outside Kenosha Courthouse After Not Guilty Verdict

    why do those blacks want to make it about race ? It’s has nothing to with race ! Do they think it makes them look smart are tuff ! They just make themselves look stupid ! And they wonder why people don’t listen to them ! I feel sorry for the good hard working black people .
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    Rand Paul: All Evidence Points Towards COVID Coming From Wuhan Lab

    No s*** news flash ! And what’s going to happen to any of Them ? I’ll wait ! I’ll tell you what’s going to happen nothing because the republicans in office are just talk let’s talk about it , have meetings about it , question them about it ! And then what happens ! Nothing !
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    Pfizer In Cahoots With US Intelligence Agencies

    No s*** ! Tell us something we don’t know !
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    Big changes coming to CNN… Who will be fired first…

    Who cares ! If you watch cnn then your a full blown dumbass !
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    Criminalization And Intimidation Of Free Speech

    How about this free speech ! f*** you cia, fbi, biden , and who ever voted for bide !
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    VP Harris to NASA: Can You Measure Trees As Part of Environmental Justice?

    why Is everybody afraid to say what you really want to say ? Is she’s a stupid bitch then say that ! If biden is a full blown dumbass then say that ! Stop being nice to them it’s time to take a stand ! I’m tired of all this s*** it needs to stop now !
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    VP Harris to NASA: Can You Measure Trees As Part of Environmental Justice?

    Wtf is wrong with that stupid bitch !
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    Kamala Harris Fakes French Accent To Talk To French In BIZARRE Video

    She is a full blown dumbass ! Wtf is wrong with that stupid bitch !
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    Top Biden Banking Nominee Wants to Bankrupt Oil, Gas, and Coal Industries

    Just another dumbass ! I would like to meet his parents just to see what kind of people they are ! Oh I know just dumbass awith a dumbass kid ! Wtf is wrong with people ?
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    Liz Cheney Could Soon Lose Her Seat In Wyoming

    Good ! She’s a traitor ! And she’s a bitch she thinks the dumbocrats will have her back she will find out !
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    KARMA'S A BITCH: (breaking news)...CA-GOV. NEWSOM injured by MODERNA Booster Jab…(3rd)...Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS)…

    Are you for real ? Then why would anybody take the shot ? Life’s a bitch and when you act like one that’s what happens to you !
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    AOC: Democrats Lost Virginia Because They Were Too Moderate

    She just needs to shut the f up ! She sounds so stupid ! I hope all you dumbass people that voted for biden get all you asked for ! What now dumbass !