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  1. tj3250

    Tim Ryan suffers meltdown on House floor… Don’t call me a Commie…

    Timmy speaking half truths dose not equal your not a commie - but i suggest you whisper when speaking china in that tone after all they are your main contributor's
  2. tj3250

    i need WRF's help with this

    story from Kane ABC news ends with this The allegation that “suitcases” of ballots were pulled from under tables away from the eyes of observers was almost immediately debunked. But it continues to circulate among supporters of the former president and others who say the election was marred by...
  3. tj3250

    3 November is DEAD!

    NOT no more prayers - but now a new prayer - Heavenly Father give us the strength to cleans America from the top down - one more time - Peace Through Strength - more than a catch phrase's - We The People
  4. tj3250

    ATTN: Bannon, Trump

    patients -VCU -your words many of us share with you - pure 💪💪💪 - time has always been on our side - the Constitution has accounted for the now
  5. tj3250

    Do you think there is an elite group of pedophiles running the world?

    consequence- will be none - till the people finally stand together as now in Europe yes there will be a new day Boston tea party - when the Revolution ends DC will be cleansed We The People
  6. tj3250

    ATTN: Bannon, Trump

    you were not alone i voted for i was told the nut job Ross
  7. tj3250

    ATTN: Bannon, Trump

    i think this 1st made the news sometime in the early to mid 80s Standards lowered to levels the inner city kids can adjust too - and now in the news again lowering it even more
  8. tj3250

    ATTN: Bannon, Trump

    i am beginning to agree with almost everything you say - the only defense i offer for Trump - he opened my eyes without Washington standing in the way - America has been the backbone of the world he might of coined the phrase - MAGA - but it was you me all of us deep down inside knew all along...
  9. tj3250

    Do you think there is an elite group of pedophiles running the world?

    Do you think there is an elite group of pedophiles running the world? -----YES--YES--YES---- PERVERSION sexually attracted to the underage has been the root to all evil throughout history at the center of all CHAOS world wide -PERVERTs I'm sure the mob used this as a tool but everything once...
  10. tj3250

    time i learn more

    QUESTION IS - Can i take a real person/name that i know hadn't voted 2020 is there technology that shows if they voted i would just to be safe search 3 states - born in - lived in - and now home is this possible or not would be interesting because i know several never voted article from Kane...
  11. tj3250

    Countermoon Doxxed!

    and i ask without the special protections already awarded just how long do you think a gay America will survive in this world - right now you have real men doing battle for your rights - eliminate the real and your fantasies crumble faster than a wink of the eye - i am far from being a hater...
  12. tj3250

    Don't mess with Candace

    didn't i see the same lying impeachment attorney sitting next to Jorden -- only the left may continue life's rewards as if they done no wrongs -- only in America certain elements of the criminal world receives rewards - while others punished miserably way to go Candace - your truths reigns fire...
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    HAS THE WORLD GONE ABSOLUTELY MAD? - answer - HELL YEA America DC being the 1st to escape the insane asylums years ago