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  1. TNplates

    Cancel Twitter and Facebook!

    Did that the day after the election. Any input on 2nd1st ?? or Rumble? Or better yet, where is President Trump going??
  2. TNplates

    Has anyone confirmed that Parler is back online?

    I have tried to login on my phone and after a few days of reading they were back up. I suppose the rush of traffic caused some issues but for the past couple of days its been up and running good.....on the app. I can't say the same for my desktop, login, capachat, and then it acts like it...
  3. TNplates

    Rush's SNERDLY challenging CNN for newly posted DISPARAGING COMMENTS about RUSH post-mortem...OMG

    I'm sick of this hatred the left has and I try my best not to stoop to their level. I think Rush felt the same, call them out for their ideas and actions but let them rest in peace. The left points their finger and say we've said worse about RBG, I have yet to see an example.
  4. TNplates

    Watch Trump Surprise a Young Couple…

    A man of the People.
  5. TNplates

    God Bless Rush Limbaugh.