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    Biden's stumbles and fall: an American metaphor

    They need to start adding weights in his pockets then - although he should have a lot of china cash in those pockets.
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    So, Should We Build A Counter-Narrative?

    It would be much more enjoyable , productive for food but not sure about country
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    Is It Treason To Print 30,000 Fake Ballots - 95% for Joe Biden

    Ossloff was on the printed ballots also and no other down tickets - if it turns out anywhere close to 30K then Osslof would not have been in Arun off it wouldn't have been needed and RNC will have senate control
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    Mike Lindell’s New, Social-Media Platform ( is, already, under attack!

    Tell Mike if he wants info on targeting customers by the cancel culture he needs to talk to RUSH Limbaughs group . They spent a lot with research and showed advertisers that the complaints were not coming from real People just a few acting like 100,000- Rush kept all his advertisers and had that...
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    Mike Lindell’s New, Social-Media Platform ( is, already, under attack!

    If VOCAL wanted that protection for that domain name they should have grabbed it when available - Sorry dont think they have a case- just more media fodder.
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    Trump needs to explain his inaction on the stolen election

    He authorized release of lot of info they have been hiding to "classification" . Have you seen it all ? NOPE and you won't unless he gets back in with the right people in places. Why - The DC cartel has its own system and he wasn't invited in. Disappointed in Barr and the FBI directer is a...
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    VOCL and Mike Lindell

    Mike has been tech advanced for years he has a very big team driving sales- with security at the top. I have confidence he will do it right. Trump gets on the platform it will go.