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    Are we sleepwalking into dictatorship…

    You would be wise to cancel FB
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    Bannon: We’re Heading Into A Firestorm

    I am worried about EVERYTHING this illegitimate government is doing. One of the most concerning is the millions of illegal aliens who invaded our country in 2021. Do the math………….when these people start multiplying the United States of America will be no more. They are not assimilating. This is...
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    "Sayonara Sucker!" - Drunk CNN Co-Host Goes on Anti-De Blasio Rant

    This is the first true statement uttered by anyone at CNN for years.
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    ‘Alex Jones was more right than Rachel Maddow in 2021’…

    It’s time to start holding blatant liars criminally liable for the damage they have done. I believe in freedom of speech, but when people of power misuse their platforms and are proven to be spreading propaganda for a shadow government then they must be prosecuted. Just think how much better off...
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    Are we sleepwalking into dictatorship…

    Australian citizens should NEVER have given up their guns. What a bunch of rubes. They now have no way to defend themselves against their government. I will not believe Americans are that stupid. There are more Pro Constitution citizens here than the media and left wing loons would have us believe.
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    Kamala Harris gives embarrassing answer when confronted about inflation

    The Biden/Obama team are taking advantage of Kamala’s ineptitude. They are “priming” us for a Michelle Obama run for the Presidency.
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    Unhinged CNN guest says calling Trump leader of terror movement was "too kind"

    I hope I’m wrong, but these crazy Communist left wing nuts are not going to just go away. We are on the verge of Civil War II.
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    Bannon: We Will Not Comply and You Will Not Destroy This Republic

    May God Bless You and keep you in the palm of His hand Steve Bannon!
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    CNN's tyrant "doctor" calls on Biden to go way further to punish "unvaccinated"

    It is unfortunate that the NEA (in accordance with Communist demands) removed real history from our schools 40 + years ago. We now have two generations of US citizens who do not recognize the rise of Communism/Socialism/Fascism when it is slapping them in the face. Having to produce “PAPERS”...
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    Liz Cheney Is Running For President In 2024

    The old guard RINOs will support her (her father) So will the Demonrats. She knows she has lost her seat in Congress.
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    Trump Has Humble Moment With Crowd and You Will Never See It on CNN

    Are you aware of his upbringing? He was raised by a very devout Scottish mother. I do not presume to judge the depth of someone else’s faith. I do know that Donald Trump has always been “quietly“ generous. he is brash and outspoken about a lot of things but He and his Wife (and his children)...
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    Liz Cheney Is Running For President In 2024

    Taking her marching orders from Daddy Dick and the Bush Globalist Regime.
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    World’s Response To Omicron

    The globalist set and Davos crowd would be wise to refer to the French and American Revolutions. They may take a lot of us out but we will ultimately destroy ALL of them.
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    Kamala-Hillary White House Could Be In The Horizon

    Only if they steal the election…..AGAIN. They are the two most obnoxious, narcissistic, evil witches on the planet.