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    Are welfare recipients getting the $300 per child in addition to all welfare benefits?

    Wow, that isn't a bad income, no wonder people are quitting their jobs. And Afgans? Are they too getting that money in addition to LIFETIME welfare?? Illegals too? I see I took the wrong path in working for a living. NEVER ask others to do anything you can do for yourself...first rule of integrity.
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    Trying to dodge the bullets of lies

    We all have the right to think what we want. You and I just have differing opinions. I did not work in Wuhan or CDC so I will go by what I know for sure, and what I have seen and experienced. IMO, it is a flu that was blown out of proportion, and people did die because of that. Call it what you...
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    Sorry but Mike Lindell is not MAGA

    I remember President Trump saying that his "awakening" was when he wanted to buy TV's for his new hotel, TV's made in the USA. He was shocked when he found out there are no TV's made in the USA anymore. We need to bring back our independence and our lost industries or we will always be faced...
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    Trying to dodge the bullets of lies

    Not enough pieces to put the puzzle together. Not for me. "Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten", most everything after that (except math) was somewhat a waste of my time because all has changed. In the sciences' this is especially true, but even in languages, writing rules, and...
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    Trying to dodge the bullets of lies

    Lies, conspiracy theories, and little truth. All I know for certain is that I know no more than I did 2 years ago. CDC Has NO ISOLATED, PURIFIED, Sample of Sars-CoV-2 Virus that causes COVID-19...
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    VAX Mandate Useless: As Biden Lies About Making Others Safe By Being Vaccinated The CDC Reveals On CNN That Is No Longer True

    Seems the goal is not to improve health at all, seems the goal was for the globalist to gain more control. This vaccine, some are saying, is not killing any virus, but is killing natural immunity. Time will tell as to whether those statements or studies are true when MMR,DPT, and the numerous...
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    Anyone else think that the Anti-Christ is here in the world now? What else explains the tremendous evil that abounds these days? Any insights?

    (y)I am not soo religious, I don't even know what is meant by anti-Christ. I do not think God intervenes in human life decisions. Maybe he gave directions, the bibles?? We do not actually know. But in my mind, he left us on our own and will collect the souls of those who were honest and had...
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    == ARTICLE == Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski fined $23,000 by Alberta judge

    Wow. So wrong! How about when we take our nation down we take Canada too, and Australia! Starting to sound like WWIII!
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    Trump wins election 100% to 0 many about to go to Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

    Is that a promise? I sure hope so since you wrote it on my birthday! LOL :D
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    Simple Solution to the National Debt!

    (y)on all but "term limits for all feds", I want the federal government abolished!
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    Ok Bannon... this was posted on Gab today.... True??

    As he was in the sciences. He was a businessman, not a scientist. He counted on professionalism from his advisors, that they would steer him correctly when all of the covid lies emerged. But they were not professionals. They were/are sleazy government workers who could not make it in the real...