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    Pharmacies Told Not To Distribute Medications That Combat Covid

    Maybe I can shed a little light on this pharmacist thing. (I'm a licensed pharmacy tech). Most people don't realize that pharmacists can refuse to fill ANY prescription they're not comfortable filling. Doesn't matter if it's a perfectly fine prescription, written by a perfectly competent...
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    McConnell Gets Bad News After Trump Slaughtering…

    Unfortunately, he just won reelection with Trump's support. So KY's stuck with him for 6 more years unless they have a recall option. Kudos to Nelson County, though. At least they're speaking out.
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    OMG - 'Not For Public View' Biden Interview

    I think that was the plan all along. "Benevolent ol' Uncle Joe" as the soon-to-be-removed placeholder. If it weren't the case, then why Nancy's talk of the 25th Amendment & saying it wasn't meant for Trump? Or Joe & Kamala so often referring to the "Harris Administration"? Even so, on a...
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    Biden Leaves America SPEECHLESS With Answer on China at Town Hall

    Hitler would have loved this guy. He's more Neville Chamberlain than Chamberlain ever was. Talk about appeasement on a grand scale.
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    BREAKING: Trump To Meet With Vladimir Putin

    Even funnier if--after a Rachel Maddow meltdown-- it turns out there was some immigrant named Vladimir Putin who runs a donut shop around the corner, and Trump just went there to grab a cup of joe!
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    You know you don’t get out much....

    You could do a whole lot worse! You wouldn't get a word in edgewise, but it would certainly not be a dull evening!
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    Pretty good return for a Senator's salary. Or is it all his wife's money? (And if so, does that make Mitch a Toy Boy??)
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    Lindsey Graham?

    Navarro can definately turn a phrase, LOL! Wonder how he'd describe McConnell!
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    Hillary Clinton Sends Ominous Warning To GOP On Impeachment

    The ol' gal still trying to be relevant. So pathetic.
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    HUGE WIN For Sidney Powell and Lin Wood…

    Now that Biden's in the White House, SCOTUS probably feels they've got "cover" to consider the cases. They didn't have the (a-hem) "cajones" to make a decision during election season--you know, actually EARN their salaries--but they may feel safe honoring us with their great wisdom now. (Too...
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    House GOP Sends Letter To Pelosi Demanding Answers

    We've all seen how every time the Dems accuse Trump/MAGA of something, it turns out that's just cover to hide what they were doing themselves. Personally, I think Pelosi and Friends NEEDED this event to play out like it did, to further their "Orange Man Bad" narrative. Pelosi and McConnell are...
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    653 Deaths + 12,044 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show

    Any idea how these numbers compare to adverse events with other new vaccines? Are they out of line or fairly typical? So far they seem pretty low compared with over-the-counter NSAID pain relievers (ibuprofen, naproxen, and others). With those drugs about 100,000 people are hospitalized and...
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    Can't get through to

    Try now. I got through okay. Couldn't this morning, though, so yep, we probably overloaded the servers!
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    Lindsey Graham?

    Don't understand why Trump opens the door when Lindsey comes callin' but I guess he's got his reasons. Lindsey's definately "swamp" but at least not the filthy DC river rat that McConnell is. Don't understand why Trump deals with Kevin McCarthey, either.
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    Make Contributions Work

    Is there any "unsubscribe" option (in tiny print) at the bottom of their emails? Might be too late for the short-term, but if they don't get any response, they may at least reduce the number of times they contact you. Other than that, the only thing I know to do (going forward) is contribute...
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    Pentagon Releases UFO Bombshell…

    Not surprising, really. We're probably caught in the middle of an intergalactic war and don't even realize it yet. (Doesn't the Bible say something about kingdoms and principalities ye know nothing about?) Looks like that TV show Ancient Aliens is right on a lot of things after all;)
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    Eric Trump Droppin Some Heat!

    OMG I almost wet my panties, laughing so hard!!
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    The Trap is Set… Republicans Sold Out Trump Again

    Personally, I don't think Uncle Joe is competent enough to FIND the string. Harris is another matter. She bailed out rioters and looters this summer, so I doubt she gives two hoots about this country.
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    Dr. Peter Navarro: What Mike Pence did will go down as the biggest betrayal

    Agree that "spring cleaning" is in order, but honestly, RINO's don't even bother to plot secretly anymore. Take my turncoat Senator, the infamous Richard Burr. In reply to a letter I wrote him prior to the trial, he stated he'd be an impartial juror. Then in the very next paragraph, he...
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    Dr. Peter Navarro: What Mike Pence did will go down as the biggest betrayal

    Agree. This whole electrical grid policy should terrify every American. I guess Biden's team will "circle back" to us on that?