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  1. EverythingIsBullshit

    A culture of fear and shame

    I work for a mental health agency in NJ. today the boss held a zoom meeting about current issues. he asked for team members to share their vaccination story including how they worked through the hesitancy and why those of us unvaccibated choose not to. technically it s just me unvaccinated. did...
  2. EverythingIsBullshit

    Forced to take the vaccine if you want to work

    My husband has been unemployed for two years. NJ still owes him over 10k in back unemployment. He finally found a job as a graphic designer which is his trade. The job si remote. The company, after 3 interviews and a hire letter is now saying he needs to have jab if he wants the job. What can we do?
  3. EverythingIsBullshit

    I voted today and refused to use Dominion machine

    My small NJ town had a council election today. I showed up to exercize my constitutional right and cast my vote. Well, lo and behold, my township switched machines to Dominion. Last year during the general election we had the old push button machines. This year and unbeknownst to us, we are...
  4. EverythingIsBullshit

    Stephen please look at this. France is gone. It's over.

    I am so ashamed of my country. I don't even know what to say anymore. Truly, there are no words. For those of you who do not know. This is the tomb of my Emperor, Napoleon I at Les Invalides in Paris. 1. It is a tomb 2. He was the greatest leader France has ever known 3. This is also the site...
  5. EverythingIsBullshit

    Migrants to get paid to stay home. What?

    The sheer incompetence of this administration, I just can't. Do they not see how this will exacerbate the problem? Now more people will flood the border to be sent back to a tree planting job! What a bunch of tools! AZ hurry up with that audit, for the love of God...
  6. EverythingIsBullshit

    I made it!!! I am Precinct Committee member (NJ)...Now what?

    It took about 2 months of crickets and my consistently harassing the town clerk and committee chairman to finally get put on the list for my district! It started with my getting no answer from the town. The county GOP's last FB post (Essex,NJ that's Cory Booker's territory) is from August...
  7. EverythingIsBullshit

    No hope for NJ

    The latest fb message from the essex county NJ GOP is from August 2020. We are dealing with some serious fighters here! And here I am wondering why no one is responding to my emails/messages about committee membership.
  8. EverythingIsBullshit

    This guy is running against Murphy in NJ. But is he MAGA?

    There is not one mention of DJT in his blurbs. Another one of those requesting $ to attend his events. $2500 for a photo op.
  9. EverythingIsBullshit

    They are using a green screen on Biden. WTF?

    Ok so this is a Twitter link. I don't have Twitter but you can still see it. It was posted by The Hill. Look at his hands vs. the microphones. Matrix broken, people!
  10. EverythingIsBullshit

    Our flag, brought to you by China.

    I literally live less than a mile away from where Annin Flags used to be made and remember the factory still running, one stitch at a time. This is where we are now. It is disgusting. It is a disgrace.
  11. EverythingIsBullshit

    Requested book list from War room recommendations.

    These are some of the books that were talked about on the show.
  12. EverythingIsBullshit

    Vaccine or no vaccine. What does it all mean anyway?

    I am not an anti vaxer. I just feel this virus was grossly exaggerated when you see the decrease in other diseases as covid went up. For instance, where did the flu go? Anyone? Covid deaths are still really low in terms of percentage. I am not minimizing anything, I am simply looking at it from...
  13. EverythingIsBullshit

    Just a therory...for us deplorables to keep the vision going and those who want the fraud exposed

    I wish I was not working like a beast day in and day out, I am at the point where I can't even watch live shows anymore. Anyway, I was thinking about someone's comment today. Some of us are very upset Steve is not mentioning the fraud and or focusing on the fraud. I don't blame him, I would not...
  14. EverythingIsBullshit

    Transphobia everywhere!!! I am so sick and tired of this bullshit. These celebrities paid millions for their mediocre...
  15. EverythingIsBullshit

    Becoming a PC in NJ - nearly impossible?

    So I have been trying to find out how to become a precinct committee member in my state of NJ. I am not going to write about my frustration in attempting to find relevant info on Schultz website, I will be honest, it is a clusterfuck and needs serious redesign. Anyway, through weeks of browsing...
  16. EverythingIsBullshit

    Anyone in New Jersey? Precinct Committee issues

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get into the committees here in NJ. Bad enough Palatucci is still the wip and top honcho for the GOP. Talk about corrupt. Don't get me started on his dealings with Christie and private prisons. Anyway, if anyone in NJ, did you figure out a way? It...
  17. EverythingIsBullshit

    China control of EU ports ...We are next. I was talking to my mom in France today and discussed the CCP having access to the US grid. She told me about the CCP purchasing major ports in the Mediterranean Sea since 2019. In particular the Pireaus Port in...
  18. EverythingIsBullshit

    It is not over, they will not stop

    This impeachment sham was doomed to fail from the get go, but make no mistake about it, dems used it to distract the sheep from focusing on the Biden Administration. Lord knows what they were hiding this past week. And now that it is over, don't go think for one second that they are done with...
  19. EverythingIsBullshit

    Losing Faith waiting for "The Plan"

    I came to America 28 years ago. It was my dream as a child to be, and live as, an American. I blame John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. Imagine being a little girl from France and watching the First Columbia launch on a black and white TV. We were so behind back then, we did not even know about...