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  1. J

    The View Hosts CUT OFF Unvaxxed Conservative Guest for Sharing COVID Facts

    Because these democrats are pushing communism! Period, explanation point!
  2. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1403 (11/10/2021)

    Again your completely wrong, in the most liberal asinine way!
  3. J

    WH Dep. Press Sec Suggests Possible Vaccine Requirements For Travel

    Now this Charlie Kirks last words , Absolutly perfect!
  4. J

    VP Harris to NASA: Can You Measure Trees As Part of Environmental Justice?

    No, she’s running in racial freedom, snap’ the only slaves here in America ,are Mexican children sold into slavery by the Biden administration helping the cartel’s.
  5. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1397 (11/8/2021)

    You have to be a liberal, or a hater, or a moron , white Frank which is a racist name, are you crazy, or just stupid?
  6. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1357 (10/22/2021)

    Natalie is such a cute , and very intelligent young lady, she is very sure of herself, explains everything with such precision. She’s very intelligent and has an awesome smile while cutting the throats of the criminals she investigates! I’m happy to see her, and her investigation of corruption...
  7. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1359 (10/23/2021)

    Yes he knows the difference from right and wrong, but your not talking about a possible reproduction alteration with this vaccine, if that is a true statement I’ve heard it, I’ve seen where bull Gates were doing reproduction reversals through injections in African women. We’re seeing...
  8. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1353 (10/21/2021)

    We never get hurt, only assholes like you think their hurtful. We don’t like moron liberals, and you are a liberal moron , little bitch rooting for the people destroying this country! If you feel like you’ve been butt fu—ed, you are now!
  9. J

    Fauci Just Got Proven Wrong AGAIN

    Why has no one asked this corrupt midget who funded this virus, “why aren’t all immigrants forced to vaccinate? Why are they bussing them in to the heart of every city, unvaccinated? Their mandating every American, it not postal workers? Wtf is that bullshit? No immigrants with known covid ...
  10. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1333 (10/13/2021)

    I don’t get why the Americans that see what’s going on, won’t go on attack mode like these feckless Democrats do constantly? War room is doing a good job getting the real news out there, and your followers are going on the rampage under the radar, it’s time to face into the Radar, be seen, be...
  11. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1333 (10/13/2021)

    Steve , you shut her off when she was getting ready to drop a bomb. She was on a roll too.
  12. J

    U.S. Murder Rate Saw Biggest Percent Increase Ever in 2020

    These democrats want Americans dead! They want Black Americans dead, yet they call you racist so you don’t blame them!
  13. J

    Nurse Gets Escorted Out Of Her Job At UCLA Hospital For Refusing Vaccine

    They want you to lose your job, they want you to be under their control, they truly want you broke, or dead! They don’t want you to rebel against them, or do anything but quit, or get a deadly vaccine !
  14. J

    Southwest Airlines CEO Blames Biden for Vax Mandate

    They want job loses, they want to destroy businesses period! Destroying America is their only goal!
  15. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1330 (10/12/2021)

    Has anyone thought it out far enough, that telling people they have to get vaccinated will force many people to “quit “their jobs, destroying more businesses, more financial insecurity , causing more turmoil, and get these Democrat criminals closer to socialism? Think about that narrative please!
  16. J

    Ok Bannon... this was posted on Gab today.... True??

    This woman is a wack job. .
  17. J

    Ok Bannon... this was posted on Gab today.... True??

    Yes , she’s all over the place. The pot calling the
  18. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1326 (10/11/2021)

    Depopulation! Why does anyone say it’s something other than their pushing to kill people in the world? Why are they saying covid was an accident in a lab,? This is all planned, this oil crisis is planned, theses gas’s shortage that may kill millions, its planned on killing millions ! You can...
  19. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1324 (10/9/2021)

    Did t Reagan pump money into the 80,s economy? They did it all with money?