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  1. LillyGrace777

    Michigan’s Shot to Win Sweeps

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The financially strapped citizens of Michigan will probably fall hard for this tactic. Calling it a sweepstakes really takes the “science” out of it. Whitmer to announce ‘MI Shot to Win Sweepstakes’ for chance to win cash, college scholarships...
  2. LillyGrace777

    Easter Blessings to all!!

    May the blessings and spirit of the season lift you up.... Happy Easter to all who celebrate 🐣💜✝️
  3. LillyGrace777

    Kristi Noem Hedging on signing Equality Bill? Why?? I’m disappointed that she is not signing this bill into law protecting female athlete’s rights against competing with transgender males in sports. Does anyone have...
  4. LillyGrace777

    Happy International Women’s Day

    Wishing all of our strong, beautiful, and empowered women of the WARROOM a Happy International Women’s Day! 😊💪🏻👏🏻
  5. LillyGrace777

    Really??? Mr andMrs Potato Head??
  6. LillyGrace777

    The Ten Commandments

    TCM and Fathom Events are having a nationwide showing of The Ten Commandments Sunday March 28 2021 (Palm Sunday) and Wednesday March 31. Below is the link to see if it’s available in your area.
  7. LillyGrace777

    CTH video of pre planned Capitol Hill riot and shooting

    Has anyone seen this video on Conservative Tree House of a possible staging of the Capitol shooting? No blood splatter, LEO’s and medics not having the basic skills of rendering aid and no copious amounts of blood or blood splatter. I’m a former trauma nurse from a Detroit Emergency Dept and...
  8. LillyGrace777

    Liz Cheney Survives GOP Secret Vote

    The establishment wing of the GOP won a rare and dramatic victory Wednesday night when Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) beat back an attempt by Donald Trump’s staunchest allies to knock her from power as retribution for voting to impeach the former president just three weeks earlier. The 145-61 vote in...
  9. LillyGrace777

    Joe Biden’s cognitive decline

    As a nurse, I observe Biden as fluctuating between a flat affect vs a blunt affect. Flat affect is void of any emotion or facial expressions. Blunt affect shows a slight display of emotional reactions and facial expressions.
  10. LillyGrace777

    President Trump tribute by “Mad Liberals” on YouTube

    This is a tears and goosebumps moment....