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  1. Leslie AmericaFirst


    Sounds a bit like Eric Greitens, who Bannon continues to endorse here in Missouri. I think he and Schmitt could split the vote and hand our Trifecta state to a Democrat!
  2. Leslie AmericaFirst

    A WALL FOR BIDEN !??! I SAY "NO".!!!

    I think we should all email the company. Probably won't do any good, but we could flood the zone so they know that we know what they've done using our taxpayer money.
  3. Leslie AmericaFirst

    We Need To Talk About GETTR 🤦‍♂️

    I got off FB and went to MeWE. Found out they were built by left-leaning people so deleted it. Got on GETTR. Didn't really like it so deleted that account. I got on GAB and I like it the best. Off the big tech grid, building a parallel society and many small businesses there now selling...
  4. Leslie AmericaFirst

    DeFacto vs. DeJure Government

    Watch these videos and see if your state is assembling a Jural Assembly.
  5. Leslie AmericaFirst

    Patriot Force California

    Is this a Grand Jury DeJure?
  6. Leslie AmericaFirst

    Who are your 5 picks for the Jan 6th commission?

    Darren Beattie, Raheem, John Solomon, SKB, John Eastman