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  1. Landscapebro

    Redpill me on Dr. Shiva

    Im just over halfway through it but so far he totally shits on grifting and ignorance in the voter integrity movement. Claims it undermines legitimate investigation.
  2. Landscapebro

    Trump booed for saying he wouldn’t investigate Hunter Biden
  3. Landscapebro

    Crowd boos Trump over Vaccines

    “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” Trump told the crowd, waving off their reaction with his hand… …“We got a vaccine done,” he said, telling supporters that wariness of the vaccine was “playing into the hands” of his opponents. “Don’t take it away from ourselves. You’re playing right into...
  4. Landscapebro

    Alex GOES OFF on Trump.
  5. Landscapebro

    Why Hasn’t Bannon Highlighted and Brought Pressure to Bear on Brnovich’s Stalling Since the Audit?

    Bannon, You aren’t even serious about any of this. Obviously never have been. Your shows are unlistenable now. You are a meme.
  6. Landscapebro

    “So that’s the lawsuit he filed…. We’ll see how that goes”.

    “So basically what they’re doing is…’we’re gong to keep receiving ballots in perpetuity until McAuliffe wins’. So that’s the lawsuit he filed…. We’ll see how that goes..” Other than that, we’ve got this! Just f*** my s*** up fam.
  7. Landscapebro

    Trumps Endorsements are Blackpilling Af. Looks like we haven’t been let in on the play.

    Glowie or not Peters gives an utterly depressing breakdown of Trumps endorsements in the first segment of todays show. Interesting comment about MTG changing her tune from endorsing only MAGA people to only endorsing people who can win. Ugh. I wonder what the source is for that...
  8. Landscapebro

    They are Just F***ing Taunting and Torturing us Now.
  9. Landscapebro

    “The Left” Protests at Home of Biden’s DHS Chief Mayorkas
  10. Landscapebro

    So Did Bannon Address Braynards Little Fed Problem on the Weekend?

    Awkward. I wonder if Matt will be back on any time soon.
  11. Landscapebro

    Where’s Natalie and Raheem?

    Haven’t been on the show for a while it seems. Even if Raheem is travelling, doesn’t Natalie at least drop in for some updates usually? Anyone here in the know?
  12. Landscapebro

    Whats the story on Jovan Pulitzer?

    Whats up with this branding? Other than the basic storyline that he is involved in the audit and they are using some of his forensic techniques I know very little about him...
  13. Landscapebro

    Why is War Room talking about anything and everything but the Symposium?

    The total silence on the elephant in the room on War Room, TGP and basically all other sites on the right is so deafening and conspicuous it almost seems coordinated. Frustrating.