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  1. K.A.G.


  2. K.A.G.

    Psaki Has Bizarre Defense For High Prices, Says It Means Economy Is Successful

    In talking to this guy I work with, about the prices of gas and food escalating in cost he said "it's called inflation, it's only a slight inflation but as it goes up so will our economy, work with get better and employer should be able to give raises by Christmas!!! WHAT!!! right now gas has...
  3. K.A.G.

    HOBBS: AZ LAW - Settlement Agreement!!!!!!

    see attached
  4. K.A.G.

    Posted On Telegram - Maga News

    Can't verify but if it is true!! Todd Box, [28.04.21 02:54] [Forwarded from Pam] I don’t know if anyone is interested or who to talk to. But I am a flight attendant and last night I came in from Philadelphia and there were people on my flight bragging about being flown in to count ballots in...
  5. K.A.G.

    2020: if you died of heart attack with COVID you died of COVID; 2021: if you die 5 mins after getting vaccine, you died of natural causes

    Do ya know which shot she had??? Mom had her first shot but doesn't want the second shot
  6. K.A.G.

    CBS Los Angeles - Interview with Boehner

    OK it was 3:30 and for some reason AMV was dark so I just wanted to see if the weather was going to nice and warm or warm and nice.... I'll work hard but will do it!!!
  7. K.A.G.

    CBS Los Angeles - Interview with Boehner

    Woke up and turned on CBS News and they were doing an interview with former House Speaker John Boehner as his new book is out anyway all he (the interviewer) could do was to try and get Boehner to put blame on Trump for all the problems we have now and in congress BUT what really ticked me off...
  8. K.A.G.

    I read about so many of the demo-craps off shoots just wanted to know if this was one-Anybody know, M90USA The Accountability Movement

    I read about so many of the demo-craps off shoots just wanted to know if this was one-Anybody know, M90USA The Accountability Movement
  9. K.A.G.

    I read about so many of the demo-craps off shoots just wanted to know if this was one-Anybody know, M90USA The Accountability Movement

    M90USA (Middle 90 percent of USA) seeks to become the largest non-partisan accountability organization tasked to hold elected officials and governmental agencies accountable under law. We formed as a result of the unlawful and unconstitutional conduct of the 2020 federal election, as it became...
  10. K.A.G.

    Crackdown - Conservatism Banned - Bannon, Bongino, Judge Jeanine, Tucker, Conservative Judges, Arrested for Terrorism - Complete Blackout

    I may not be be up to your par on the 2020 election, but I knew Big T would loose, there were too many off track things being said and the demo-craps werey were just so smug. The one thing they kept saying was 'republicans vote on elections day and demo-craps do mail in, so don't believe any...
  11. K.A.G.

    United Airlines Says 50% of the Next 5,000 Pilots They Train Will be Black Women or People of Color

    I'm a very 'colorful person' or do they say 'colorful personality' either way I should be able to qualify
  12. K.A.G.

    Was that $139,000.00 for one child

    My mom who is 103 years old and we can't qualify for a refi of $100,000.00 on a home that's worth $650,000.00 because of our finances... Hay mr. president can you help me hahahahahahah :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  13. K.A.G.

    Biden Plans to Unveil Executive Action on Guns on Thursday 04/08 President Joe Biden is expected on Thursday to start rolling out executive actions regulating guns after a slew of mass shootings early in his White House tenure put pressure on the longtime advocate for gun restrictions to act.
  14. K.A.G.

    Hi, can anyone speak on this site and it’s credible? Thank you

    I'd say read the post, watch War Room, past episodes on I have learned many things here in a very short time.. Good Lunck
  15. K.A.G.

    List of Coke brands

    Out Standing!!! So as I still have my face book account i'm going to post the brands for a boycott PS in the sixties besides being a song Mellow Yellow was something the 'other kids did' hahah😅😅😅😅😅
  16. K.A.G.

    It's an invite: A Conversation with Congressman Adam Schiff and Professor Robert Reich

    Didn't this bill pass?? He never talks about whats coming up only whats passed OR Covid 19 once a month.............