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    Latest letter to my Senator Roger Wicker!

    Dear Senator, People around here have wised up to how congressmen play the game of disguising their votes. The consensus seems to be you have been forever branded as one of the 19 Communist collaborators and this latest TV shill you did to start another useless war that will further enslave our...
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    Here's how you play economic hardball & political smash mouth at the same time!

    Trump picks a company and sends a Buy signal to the MAGA base on Monday! With 85 million strong what's going to happen to that stock? Yeap! Then at the right time and price, Trump sends MAGA a signal to sell! Yeap you guessed it, buy low and sell high with the power and momentum of the MAGA...
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    We Are Being Lured Into Creating Our Own Prison while the Central Bankers Take Control of Our Money and Lives with their Magic Virus and Technology

    Give this lady a few minutes if you want to understand the master plan including what and how they are planning to pull it off!
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    MAGA needs to stage a major economic boycott now! We got the economic firepower to stage our own economy. What are we waiting on, death by attrition?

    Where are the leaders when we need them! Where is all the action, action, action that you hear so much about! Plop plot, FIZZ FIZZ! We just gonna let the people bleed out!
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    The main point NOT being discussed on WR is this. Are Biden's actions, acts of incompetence or Intent? If it's intent - that means Treason!

    It's a real possibility that the anti-American actions of this administration could be subject to a Congressional Investigation for Treason in 11 months with Donald J. Trump in charge as the Speaker of the House! Much bigger than Watergate, this could lead to a historic public trial with the...
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    Dennis Prager is a master intellect, historian and speaker! He is a MAGA superstar orator that needs to be sought out and promoted!

    This guy is a major league talent! Bannon needs to have this guy on for an entire special! Only takes a few minutes to see he's a true conservative and force to be dealt with!
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    Totally Ticked Sample Letter to my Senator Roger Wicker for his recent voting with the Democrats!

    Dear Wicker, Since you once again voted for the Democratic budget bill, I think you should end this charade and go ahead and join the Democratic Party! By voting with the Democrats, you have once again proven that you support their communist anti-American agenda, so please end this ruse that...
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    If Blow-Jo Biden is allowing & encouraging illegal activities, why don't county & state AGs file criminal charges against him for aiding and abetting?

    Each state could convene a Grand Jury and file charges for drug trafficking, sex trafficking, endangerment to the public welfare and safety, as well as a mountain of financial damages! Have AG's forgotten their responsibility to the citizens and all of the legal tools at their disposal! America...
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    Want to understand who's behind the attack on America, our history, education, families, fake news, deep state, communism, etc?

    It all started 120 years ago by a group of British Bankers and Merchant Families who subverted the Monarchy of Britain for their personal financial gain and control of global commerce! Understand this one video and you will understand where it all started! When you understand these events, in...
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    Here is how you can easily join the Precinct Strategy Team! SMALL NUMBERS, BIG CHANGE!

    THE POWER OF THREE-TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT OF SEVENTY-FOUR MILLION In a nutshell, this is what every conservative — including you, dear reader — needs to do ASAP — if our goal is to have our state legislators pass election reform laws requiring all counties to stop using any kind of imaging...
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    The Three Major Powers that control our Government are:

    Blackmail, Bribery & Greed! You can pontificate about politics, policy and patriotism all you want but - it all boils down to the big three that control all the politicians, lobbyists, think tanks and parties including all three branches of government and most of the agencies! The American...
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    Ditch the Mitch Now!

    Brian Kennedy said it on Bannon's show this morning. Let's go ahead and throw down now before it's too late. Let's find out where everyone stands! No more pretenders!
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    Trump Needs To Come Out and Declare It! Biden and The Communist Party Have Declared WAR Against America & Its People!

    All the evidence points to the same thing! Biden and His Communist Party Have Declared WAR Against America & Its People! No way around it, might as well come on out and say it!
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    Wayne Allyn Root is a fighter and patriot, here are his contacts if you want to hear his podcast and join the National MAGA boycott!

    Wayne Allyn Root's Homepage has access to his boycott book and podcasts:
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    Get tuned in to Wayne Allen Root's Economic Boycott of Anti-American Corporations via his Radio Show!

    The man with the plan! Here is a list of his radio segments!
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    Attack! Attack! Attack! Bannon has finally seen the power of the Economic Boycott via Wayne Allen Root's new Book and Plan!

    Bannon had Mr. WAR on his show this afternoon 10/7/21! WAYNE ROOT: It’s Time for Civil Disobedience: Here is How We Stop The Madness! The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book: The Priceless List for Conservatives, Christians, Patriots, and 80+ Million Trump Warriors to Cancel Cancel Culture...
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    Have the two most sinister Global Powers on earth, the CCP and the World Economic Forum turned on each other?

    The CCP and the World Economic Forum have been cooperating to take global control for years, but as crooks often do when plans go wrong, evidence is emerging that they may have turned on each other! Over the years, the World Central Banks have been loaning the CCP massive amounts of money, but...
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    If Mexican Cartels pay private military groups to wage their war against the U.S., will it take private U.S. military groups to stop this invasion?

    If Mexican Cartels pay their private military groups to bring in illegal aliens and drugs to the U.S., will it take private U.S. military groups to go into Mexico to stop the invasion? Certainly drug smuggling and human trafficking are against both State and Federal Law. If there is any...