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  1. gophasfailedamerica

    need help fake investigations to collaose rumble

    folks rumble is going public with stock symbol CFVI they are attempting to crash the stock by launching a fake investigation. free speech needs everyones help with access to a stock trading account. the corruption has got to stop and will not stop until they see the tactic fail. help out folks...
  2. gophasfailedamerica

    take Nigel’s advice at your own peril

    Bannon, You wanna know the problem with the GOP? Well I do not care I am going to tell you anyways. The gop holds the only real power that matters in this country. a majority of state senates and house, the supreme court and local leadership in the country minus some major cities. This...
  3. gophasfailedamerica

    finally finally your starting to see

    Folks months ago i posted a warning asking everyone to read the history of the bolshevik revolution because I have noticed it is step by step identical. Darren Beatty is now seeing it too. Folks please take this seriously and take some free time to learn about that revolution because if this is...
  4. gophasfailedamerica

    need prayers for officer injured

    Folks my brothers parter has been involved in a shooting and he is in bad shape. He was stabbed and its not clear if he was shot as well but I know the officer and can’t say his name. I have not spoken to my brother yet but from the scanners this is his partner and my daughter got my brother...
  5. gophasfailedamerica

    wtf election data on camera being destroyed

    Share this. I came across this video and it is clearly destroying evidence of fraud
  6. gophasfailedamerica

    After we unite and restore a free america

    I want to say a few things. the first is that polls can be manipulated both ways for example showing trump down by a lot to trick people into not voting. Remember they can manipulate them way over to show us in the lead to make people feel like a victory has happened and them before midterms...
  7. gophasfailedamerica

    need help compiling clips

    Folks I am currently working on an ad that I plan on funding myself and running. I need some help compiling clips from segregation era and historical vote records and most importantly as many clips as possible of democrats on television making promises to the black community that were never kept...
  8. gophasfailedamerica

    god is not dead the stories are real

    god is not dead
  9. gophasfailedamerica

    excuse my language but

    Blake masters and the rest of you get this straight today is a new day in the republican party soI will be as blunt as possible and if you have a problem with language read no further. The days of electing complete beta male pussies is over. When you are being asked will you stand up against...
  10. gophasfailedamerica

    Serious very important question

    So I have a 1 year old baby and a 13 year old so I am familiar with how babies have to build a immune system and can get several colds but I am noticing something and I wanted to see if any of you have noticed it as well. So my one year old got sick 2 months ago and she recovered from that cold...
  11. gophasfailedamerica

    task for every one of you

    I have a challenge for every one of you! between now and then next election find a minimum of one democrat who is so disgruntled that they say they will not be voting. Say good your not voting then make your vote count twice. One to with hold your democrat vote and two come with me to the polls...
  12. gophasfailedamerica

    black vote is maga’s if we take it

    Folks the democrats have handed maga tue final nail in the democrat coffin and we better start using it. Imagine being a black citizen democrat who experienced segregation, being beaten for protesting, being arrested for protesting being in prisoned for protesting the end of segregation and...
  13. gophasfailedamerica

    precise way to land the final blow to the democrat party

    Folks we now have 3/4th of the country united. How to we get no less then 1/2 of the remaining 25% of the population? Simple we identify who they are and we go get them. Who they are: College kids and African Americans and half the hispanics who have not yet abandoned the democrats. College...
  14. gophasfailedamerica

    i said it before i will say it again

    Folks I am telling you again. The first time many of you thought I was nuts but folks these people in live interviews can’t suppress micro expressions no matter how they may practice. The micro expressions occur subconsciously and express before the brain consciously can act to override it...
  15. gophasfailedamerica


    Mr. Bannon, The win in Virginia is by majority a result of your love of this country, love for your fellow citizen and refusal to stay silent at a very important historically important moment in time and up to the present day. The whole country watched as our vote was stolen and everyone turned...
  16. gophasfailedamerica

    solution to being out lawyered

    Okay folks I am sick and tired of republicans saying we are being out lawyered. Steve bannon cam you create an official lawyer fund for all of us to donate please? there is no excuse cor this to be happening. i have a lot of money to i would donate if i know its going to lawyers who will fight...
  17. gophasfailedamerica

    my response to breana altman

    First of all I did quality assurance and data analysis for a living and had to painstakingly look for changes and errors in software and that is why I noticed several states flipping votes right on the tv screen. Go back and watch cnn that night and I say cnn because after watching every news...
  18. gophasfailedamerica

    Virginia citizens please read!

    Folks it is very very important like bannon said if they try to tell you that you voted already get the republican leadership involved. inform the poll watcher and insist he contact who he or she reports to so the hundreds of lawyers can be informed at that moment. ALSO I can not over state...
  19. gophasfailedamerica

    how did this design happen

    so i look at satellite imagery for a hobby and i was looking at my old navy base in san diego and came across this building. I wonder if the designer realized this when he designed it.
  20. gophasfailedamerica

    your virginia vote will count here is why! so go vote now

    Folks saying there is no point in voting they will steal it I say not this time. Ladies and gentlemen right now is the moment the United States can stay free or we lose everything to a narrative change. right now America is Uniting and voting republican in virginia and the polls never reach the...