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  1. Lost in the wilderness

    Ashli Babbitt’s Husband Responds To Sickening Interview Of His Wife’s Killer

    Watched the Byrd interview. It was disgusting. I saw the video of Ashli getting shot. Before it disappeared from news. She was a woman in a group of men doing the same actions and she was the one shot. Byrd was standing with other men and only he fired. The decision to exempt Byrd is completely...
  2. Lost in the wilderness


    With those numbers of vast discrepancies is difficult to ignore. Pennsylvanians take heed and do something about the voter fraud. Support those in action to expose and rectify the fraudulent election. Everyone registered to vote deserve a free and honest elections.
  3. Lost in the wilderness

    VoterGA uncovers election discrepancies ‘worse’ than Fulton County…

    So tied of all the stonewalling. People take note of who they are!
  4. Lost in the wilderness

    Glenn Greenwald raises hell over Biden censorship…

    Glen Greenwald has good information and so glad he has the wherewithal to share. Appreciate the anchors that give him the opportunity to report to us the citizens that want to know.
  5. Lost in the wilderness

    Free the Terrorists: Psaki Confirms Biden Is Working to Close Guantanamo Bay

    So ridiculous!!! Biden and gang are on fast tract of ruining America. 🤬🤬🤬
  6. Lost in the wilderness

    Never Forget What Democrats Said About Voter Fraud Just Years Ago

    When the shoe is on the other foot they digress. Oh the irony.
  7. Lost in the wilderness

    Proof Trump Won By 6-8% In Pennsylvania

    It is so obvious the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulent. We can’t let that stand. Voters have been disenfranchised. That fraud must not stand or continue. Freedom that we hold dear cannot be taken away from fraud of vile and corrupt people.
  8. Lost in the wilderness

    Geraldo Loses His Mind During Debate With Dan Bongino

    He once boasted that he has a Jewish relative .
  9. Lost in the wilderness

    Geraldo Loses His Mind During Debate With Dan Bongino

    Geraldo is loosing it as bad as Biden.
  10. Lost in the wilderness

    War coming in 24 hrs

    That’s how to talk Hamas. The last straw has been broken.
  11. Lost in the wilderness

    Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go Blacklist Mike Lindell's Frank Speech

    Really appreciate that block feature. 🙄
  12. Lost in the wilderness

    If Fauci Falls, Everything Falls Around Him

    A humble intelligent man. Not the fraudulent Fauci that incerted himself in the front row.
  13. Lost in the wilderness

    CNN Defends Maxine Waters Inciting Violence

    Comparing apples and oranges.
  14. Lost in the wilderness

    CNN Insider: We Hyped COVID to Boost Ratings - Hoped More People Died

    People like him like to talk a long as someone is listening. Enjoying his self importance. 🙄
  15. Lost in the wilderness

    BLM Activist Vows That Cities Will "Be on Fire" If No Guilty Verdict in Floyd Case

    Sounds like terrorist blackmail threat. BLM is not good for the country.