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    Farage Reacts to Attacks Against Jews in London: Never Seen Anything Like This in My Country Before

    Israel was created because Jews couldn’t live in peace. If Israel disbands, it’s true that folks won’t hate zionists. But People will continue hating Jews no matter the situation.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 788 (3/10/2021)

    I noticed that Meghan Markel’s interview with Oprah came after China banned the BBC for amplifying the genocide taking place in their country. Meghan is a communist agent... the CCP is not very happy with the UK at the moment; and they are trying to bend them as they have tried with Australia.
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    Media blackout in Israel — “When you don’t take the vaccination, your life is basically over”

    Folks who have not been to Israel may not understand how things work there. I am a duel citizen who has family there and have lived in Israel. The folks there take medical treatment very seriously, as they do terrorism. The wall that was built around the territories was made to stop terror, and...
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    Afghanistan Pipeline

    Take a look at this Here is the reason American soldiers are in Afghanistan ☹️
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    9/11 Information

    Thank you Mr Bannon.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 751 (2/23/2021)

    Raheem is on fire! If Mr. Trump is watching this. I highly recommend hiring Raheem as a writer; no matter the cost.
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    Planet of the Humans Documentary

    This is a very interesting video. While I don’t agree with everything, it does explain a lot about the elitist agenda. Enjoy fellow deplorables ! Planet of the Humans Please bring back coal for goodness sake.