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    China Joe has missles being fired, border crisis and China in his Grill

    It's tough being the leader of the free world, isn't Joe. Your a bumbling Stumbling old Fool who thought you were ready to be President. Trump had all these issues under control and in 2.5 months you have made a mess of everything. Please President Trump come back and save us from this FOOL
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    New leadership in Senate and House needed!

    It is obvious how much the establishment slowed down and even stopped or prevented Trumps MAGA agenda. Its amazing how much he got done while being undermined and back stabbed by that swine Paul Ryan and Mitch China McConnell. We have some great MAGA candidates lined up. We must Primary Liz and...
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    This is worst case of human trafficking in history. Cartels place wrist bands with phone numbers so Joe can send these poor people to Drug Cartel cells throughout USA. They now control these poor people forcing payment for entry fee. Drug, prostitution,gang activity coming to a city near you...
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    As we look back on the disaster of our Presidential election we now see where the blame belongs. Perkins Coie law firm representing Dems spent whole year in courts and working states for mass unverified mail in ballots. I donated alot of money to Rona Daniel's RNC. What the He'll did they do to...
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    China smack down Cartell Joe state department team in Alaska

    Stumbling Bumbling Joe can't get any respect. China gives his State Department a smack down. Joe can't climb the stairs to Airforce 1. Now Kerry going to negotiate climate agreement with a country that will never honor any agreements. These people are dangerous to US and free world.
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    Once fraud is proven, how does Trump get re-installed?

    If only justice could be served! Unfortunately we have watched every department of government stone wall and stop justice being delivered. We have watched the supposed constitutional SCOTUS standby doing nothing. I assume following guidance from that Bushy appointed turn coat John Robert's worry...
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    "Cartel"Joe Biden dispersing illegals to Cartel USAcells throughout c

    Cartel Joe is using info provided by Cartels on wrist bands. Phone numbers and locations allows cartels to keep these poor people in clutchs of Drug Cartels. Human trafficking. See slaves,drug running,people working through jobs at cheap wages are funneled back to Cartels. Pure Evil delivered to...
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    Are you a fighter? Support the fighters? Or a complainer

    Which are You? Our country's future is at risk. Rome is burning.Do you join the fight or stand by complaining. Time for action action action. Become a precinct committeemen. Donate to the ones who bring the fight.
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    Republican House members vote in secret for Ear Marks

    What are they doing? McCarthy, Liz Chaney must go. Scolis may be saleable. Everyone call house members 84 voted no. They deserve our support. Corruption in swamp is fed through Ear Marks. They vote for bills based on what Ear Marks they can get. Action Action Action
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    Republican Leadership where are the fighters?

    watching President Trump have to spend so much time and effort to fight Paul Ryan Mich McConnell and the rest of the Rinos was discusting. This cost us the house and eventually the senate. There are no fighters in leadership. Only Establishment, Globalist and interventionist like Liz Chaney...
  11. D

    Cartel Joe will regret his open borxers policies. Already trying to blame Trump

    Joe is the Cartels best friend as he opens the border for human trafficking.and drugs. Joe has single handedly created a crisis when borders were under control. In an effort to import voters as he well knows he didn't have 80 mil votes. The Dems must import voters as many black and Hispanic...
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    Do You Still Support President trump ???

    the answer is to change the Republican party from within. Dan Shultz has been from outing Precinct Committeemen. 400,000 positions nationwide. Only 200,000 filed. We can have huge impact on getting Trump MAGA candidates on the ballot. Trying g to undermine the party by boycotting it plays into...
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    Trump the best border security President in my lifetime. Open border Joe dangerous

    It's only been a 60 days and open border Joe's policies reversing Trumps control of our borders. JOE and Dems are panicking as even libs are questioning the huge increases of illegals the Cartels bring into USA for thousands of $. Human trafficking is discusting and Joe owns it. 2022 mid term...
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    Republican leadership? McConnell must step down!

    McConnell has stood in the way of meaningful change during Trump administration. Between Him and Paul Ryan many opportunities were lost. Thank God Trump was able to act almost exclusively on his own to get alot of his adgenda inacted. But he didn't get cooperation from establishment globalist...
  15. D

    China Joe providing money to Cartels through Covid bill

    China Joe tucked stimulus checks to illegals in the Covid stimulus bill. Now people crossing can pay off fee cartels are charging everyone illegally crossing. It's a cartel stimulus package. I'm sure China Pproves to as they send Fentinal through Mexico accross the southern border to a city near you
  16. D


    There are few conservative media. Fox is gone since Paul Ryan became board member. Establishment Republicans control the party. Join the local republican party as a precinct committemen and get voting power on candidates only half of the 400,000 seats are filed currently. Dan Shultz discusses...
  17. D


    Amending the Constitution is not a waste of time. Tell me how many current elected offices support Term limits or a balanced budget? I can't wait for your reply
  18. D

    China the Nazi Germany of our time Joe is Neville Chamberlain

    in the 1930 s many around the world stood by while Nazi Germany prepare for and began World War 2. Neville Chamberlain, Joe Biden appeased.Churchill warned as Trump the citizen did for years of China the coming trouble. China is the Nazi Germany of today. Genocide, Drug exporting Fentinal, and...
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    Learning how to fight is more tha posting a few tweets

    it is time for us all to learn how to fight back. watching the War Room is a great first step. Now it's time to take what you've learned and act. Join your local county party and become a precinct committeemen. Do out reach and become a force multiplyer by promoting war room. Donate to causes...