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    Translithic Civilization

    It was actually only point 2 that mattered, while all the rest played a supporting role which allowed that to happen: Science: “a way of studying, understanding and ultimately changing the natural world, which gave the West (among other things) a major military advantage over the Rest”...
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    Lara Lea Trump interviews POTUS45 - 1st (official) on camera interview since leaving Oval Hell Yeah DJT!
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    Suez'd: Wind, human error, or technical error?

    As Dave R alluded to in the discussion today, the problem may have been "technical" as in navigation systems. The Trump Admin released a report in Jan 2021 about maritime cyber security. The link I provide below replies 404 now, so hopefully somewhere, buried like a container ship in the Suez...
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    Happy Reunion WARROOM!

    "Mr. Miller added that with the exception of a handful of Trump loyalists, “There is a serious lack of Trump allies jumping out there and defending the president.” - NYT It's clear after today, 10 MAR21, when...