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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1553 (1/11/2022)

    Swalwell, preserve your condoms!!!!!
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    No VPN allowed for Live Chat anymore???!!!

    What the heck? Too many bots?
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    Great Interview:Why the middle class got gutted

    I have heard Bannon say many similar things. The lady during the interview was sooo wrong I had to look up her name and it looks like shes a behind the scenes swampy character. Its people like this who are responsible for the "Managed Decline." It also seems like she is linked with...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1358 (10/23/2021)

    👏 This and part 2 were great.
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    War Room Broadcast Sabotaged??

    Get the real americas voice app on your devices or go to just in case
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    LA County Sheriff REFUSES To Force Officers Get Vaccinated

    This is not new, he said this a couple months back.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1264 (9/15/2021)

    Judy Shelton interview was good. Finally a guest who mentions thats it not "money printing" like everyone like to say, it is done by a keyboard. I liked that she mentions how QE or that keyboard money never makes its to the real economy just stays in the "reserves" system between the central...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1230 (9/3/2021)

    Watch 17:30 mark!! Posobiec said leaks will begin to happen. First the damaging Sleepy/Ghani transcript was released by Reuters about the Afghanistan "perception" issue. Some may have forgotten about this because the news cycle is crazy right now and going at million miles an hour. This was...
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    WR on ZH
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1208 (8/27/2021)

    At 32:49 mark Bannon writes something on paper for the camera. I think it reads: "Raheems Camera!" What was that all about?:unsure:
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    Video Perfectly Shows Just How Bad The Media's Coverage Of Afghanistan Was

    The only time it is close to actual news is when there are natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes
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    Regarding Jake Corman Important

    Given his close proximity with Giuliani I think he knows the swampiness over there.