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  1. J

    Gov. Abbott Is Not Cutting Down On Illegal Immigration At All

    As a Faithful Catholic I implore everyone to stop giving to these fake charities.
  2. J

    Not sure what to think!

    Obviously you are hurting inside. God Bless you
  3. J

    Not sure what to think!

    Actually not new just don’t post to hear myself. Thanks for the warm greeting anyway.
  4. J

    Not sure what to think!

    I have read all that stuff before posting, trying to figure it all out. I have been a Trump supporter both by being vocal and donations but I have an uneasy feeling about this and the connections. There are a lot of scenarios that could be imagined.
  5. J

    Not sure what to think! DWAC's CEO is Patrick Orlando who also is CEO of Yunhong International in Wuhan, China. He started that company in Jan. 2020!!! Just too weird of coincidences for me.
  6. J

    Response from John Cornyn

    I actually responded back and told him that I am a retired Police Captain who ran a pretty good size detective bureau and I wanted to know what evidence he felt as a judge was bad. Well guess what, no answer from him. Unfortunately we just elected him, but I will work to see that he doesn't get...
  7. J

    Response from John Cornyn

    This from the senator after I questioned him about not supporting our duly elected President Trump.