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    What Biden Said Should TERRIFY Every Gun Owner

    He has to to try to take em first. And we have to comply before he can do it.
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    Bombshell Documents Debunk Dr. Fauci’s Narrative on COVID’s Origin

    I appreciate that Fauci is again under fire, BUT, a "bombshell" typically blows something up. Last time I looked Fauci is still free, millions have died, the CCP has not offered him exile, and he still denies the honorable and courageous Rand Paul. SKB, you keep saying there is no concerted plan...
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    Ashli Babbitt's mother on Jan. 6: "This was a protest, not an insurrection."

    Good question. At present, no one will pay, unfortunately. There are many martyrs in this war so far.
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    Ashli Babbitt's mother on Jan. 6: "This was a protest, not an insurrection."

    Amen !! But, it is an insurrection now; against an illegal regime installed by coup. MTG is correct. We do not live in a Constitutional Republc, at present. And yes, we are already in civil war. Whether it goes hot, depends on more than us common folk have power over. But, with a divided...
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    Marjorie Taylor Greene: Twitter Has Declared War on The GOP

    And, if Twitter wants war, so be it. Wal Mart, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., are corporate Oligarchs that have to abide by CCP orders. I bet that we have the power to bring them all to their knees. Try to boycott anything Chinese. They did not threaten Wal Mart for nothing.
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    Globalist Elites Are Doubling Down

    Alright, who hid the guillotine ??
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    Bannon: We’re About To Go Into A Catastrophe

    What a bunch of political Bull____ !!!
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    Thank you
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    Objection to 'FJB' coin - Please Boycott

    I believe the current situation has gone far beyond even President Trump's abilities to understand, unless he knows things not apparent to us. This chaos is worldwide, Biblical in scope, and as evil as it gets. Empires, including the U.S. Empire may fall. How we survive, and what our world looks...
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    Real Chaos Of Disorganization In The White House

    The Chinese pointed out the other day that Joe Biden had been a disappointment handling Covid. Bet they thought their money was going to buy a subservient dictator, instead they got a stooge. Wonder if they are rethinking their investment, and Biden's future, at the same time? Maybe they will...
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    I think we will be in one of those times, soon, where many honest Democrats, will come out decidedly in opposition to the radical elements in their party. At the same time, we Republicans need to boycott every Rino, and come out vocally against those turncoats. We may find ourselves voting split...
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    January 6 began in 1947

    Interesting reading. Being a "boomer", I researched MK Ultra, a bit, years ago. Watching the movie, Conspiracy Theory, is great fun, however, there are grains of truth. I think some of that technology bled out into the world, at large, particularly, the media, and education. Public evil and...
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    Objection to 'FJB' coin - Please Boycott

    This from a post boomer, materialistic, rootin' tootin' shooter that has trouble with any serious analysis except criticizing SKB, The President, Christian faith, and anything else. Creampuff ?!! You ain't even competition in a real discussion, Wimp !!
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    Objection to 'FJB' coin - Please Boycott

    I agree. This is foolish talk. It is also giving ammunition to corruption, and is a distraction.
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    Why do Fauci and Biden insist that everyone must be vaccinated?

    There is the chance that Fauci, Biden, the CCP, and the Global politicians know, and are paid to know exactly what they are doing. There has been a concerted global effort to control population for a long time.
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    Yes, I understand all of the response you presented, however there are several things I cannot accept and, do not need to accept, or get into a merry go round discussion about. First, I did not suggest murder for the very reason to give the offenders benefit of the doubt. If the release of...
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    New Covid Variant To Omicron Allegedly Found In China — 13 Million Forced To Lock Down

    Particularly for the CCP. They get to release a bio weapon with U.S. assistance, kill a lot of people, with lots of worldwide assistance, help steal an election, again with lots of assistance, and destabilize an entire planet. Yeah, pandemics are great fun.
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    "The Simple Truth about Healing our Land is to start by Cleansing our Government & Media from the Top on Down !!!.....

    Following The Constitution and The Golden Rule, and upholding Judeo/Christian values will go a long way, for us, personally, and as a community. Nothing in that standard implies the setting up of a state religion. Those standards simply establish due process, rule of law, and respect for freedom...