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  1. JournalReport505

    we need your prayers.

    not sure how true his news is but it sounds serious
  2. JournalReport505

    who here believes these are the, "END OF DAYS"

    I Used to believe all this hype about us living in the last days, i remember first learning about this growing up until i was researched it my self. i was all into this. now we see all these things happeneing today and alot of us christians believe these are the last days before jesus comes...
  3. JournalReport505

    Right is still right

    praise the lord. i hope this guy is real, im tired of figuring out all these people are sold out to someone, who ever is the highest bidder.
  4. JournalReport505

    Up yours, hippie! We're taking away GAY MARRIAGE next.

    whos behind the gay marriage movement i wonder. ?
  5. JournalReport505


    with all the coruuption and all the secret boys and girls clubs now being exposed its hard to believe this was done for our benifit. what do you think this is happening naturally , thats hard to believe . everything these secret boys clubs do is decieve us, so how the hell do you expect me to...
  6. JournalReport505


    this guy is a psyop , i used to listen to him but once i realized he was just making us believe the bad guys are being taken down and are not i dumped it. we people are the only hope we have , nobody is coming to save us, not trump exspecially not trump. this is their stupid plan. to play all...
  7. JournalReport505

    Why is almost all of Congressional Leadership from California or New York

    thats the two babylons of our country. first place china invades when they come is california, and i think russia will flood ny with a nuclear bomb under the water.
  8. JournalReport505

    BREAKING: US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade in historic ruling

    BREAKING: US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade in historic ruling The long-awaited victory for the pro-life movement means that abortion will be effectively banned in more than 20 states immediately.
  9. JournalReport505

    Songs you might enjoy.
  10. JournalReport505

    JUNETEENTH . . . . a stupid holiday for a stupid people

    they always do this, if it wasn't for the idiots in our country who fall for this psyop and mostly because they are brainwashed with these stupid phones. people cant live without them. if we are to have any chance of survival as a nation, as a people, we have to put God first. not satan but...
  11. JournalReport505

    im not here to rescue anybody.

    we have to realize whats about to happen. theres no one coming to save us, stop waisting the last of our energy on these fake democrates and republicans. i love this guys message, very powerfull. only he doesnt mention china invading us. it was bad enough that we were already about to face the...
  12. JournalReport505

    Why are Democrats so adamant in wanting kids to attend drag shows?From Kamala Harris to local politicians, the Democrats are doing their best to persu

    Why are Democrats so adamant in wanting kids to attend drag shows?From Kamala Harris to local politicians, the Democrats are doing their best to persuade voters that they’re groomers.Featured ImageJonathonVanMarenFri Jun 17, 2022 - 8:40 am EDT (LifeSiteNews) — If you’d told me ten years ago...
  13. JournalReport505

    why now, its just not fare

    I believe with all my heart God is real and cares more for us then we will ever imagine. I don't believe these are the tribulation days because the tribulation already happened when John was writing revelations in the island of Patmos 70 ad . What's happening today is mass deception. What's a...
  14. JournalReport505

    People are not this angry, are they?

    I can't believe those numbers .
  15. JournalReport505

    why now, its just not fare

    to anyone who cares: i don't know why im feeling this way but does not it just feel wrong that we've all been cheated out of a future and will suffer tremendously when our land is taken over by china soon. like why would china want to do this to us what did we do to them? and then you learn...
  16. JournalReport505

    sharing is caring, so please share this.
  17. JournalReport505

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1923 (6/11/2022)

    im sure theres an organization running this and im sure its alot more complex then they lead us to believe . wasn't the bolsheviks the ones who did the same to russia's zar and slaughtered millions of innocent people. whats makes us think their not repeating this since we dont know our history...
  18. JournalReport505

    sharing is caring, so please share this.
  19. JournalReport505

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1918 (6/9/2022)

    The un is responsible for all this. Who the he'll gives them the right to decide who goes where. Does Saudi take in people does Isreal take in infidels
  20. JournalReport505

    I thought they said this was a conspiracy theory?