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  1. ShellsEarlyBird

    Time to consider this:

    I like Mike Lindell as much as anyone here. I believe that there really is some information out there regarding this stolen election. However, I think it is time to consider having Mike Lindell on the Warroom just a little less. Perhaps the answer is to merely tame him down a bit. Mike is...
  2. ShellsEarlyBird

    The shaming of the "Unwashed" has begun...

    "An unvaccinated health care worker set off a Covid 19 outbreak at a nursing home in Kentucky where the vast majority of residents had been vaccinated, leading to dozens of infections, including 22 cases among residents and employees who were already fully vaccinated, a new study reported...
  3. ShellsEarlyBird


    This is me, today, listening to Raheem quote the Hunter Biden texts...YESSS! Please, Sir...may I have some more? Seriously, War Room is the best around. I've hit true "fangirl" status.
  4. ShellsEarlyBird

    The "Vaccine" isn't really a vaccine and we should stop calling it that!

    "First, these so-called vaccines are not really vaccines in the widely understood sense. A traditional vaccine involves an injection either with a weakened form of the virus you are protecting against or a similar virus. Either one can produce antibodies that remain in the system and fight the...
  5. ShellsEarlyBird

    Where is Biden? This is the question...
  6. ShellsEarlyBird

    Action, Action, Action...we answer the call.

    Go to to sign the petition to have that preposterous barbed wire fencing brought down!
  7. ShellsEarlyBird

    Oi! Make it stop! Would someone, please, make the fear-mongering stop?
  8. ShellsEarlyBird

    "if you build it, they will come."

    I'm no 'meme artist', but I felt inspired this morning. Somehow, I have added to my litany of tasks to check what is happening on the forum each day, and I was struck by how easily this dabbling into a forum of discussion has become a needed habit. btw-I had to scour the internet for a pic of...
  9. ShellsEarlyBird

    Midnight Bombing of Syria

    Now, I know that I am living through the third term of BHObama... Market volatility, Vix is finally sky-rocketing (after having been throttled down falsely for the last 6 weeks), hundreds of schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria overnight, record unemployment, verge of inflation/recession/increase of...
  10. ShellsEarlyBird

    Breaking News from John Solomon reports on the "Russian Collusion" hoax being deeper/wider than originally thought...again.
  11. ShellsEarlyBird

    German Scientist is onto a Thread of Truth Here

    Professor Dr. Roland Wiesendanger, a leading German expert in the field of nanotechnology and three-time winner of the prestigious European Research Council Advanced Grant, has completed a one-year, hundred-page study on the origin of the novel coronavirus. Professor Wiesendanger concludes that...
  12. ShellsEarlyBird

    WHO Concludes That Coronavirus "Came From Animal," Not Wuhan Lab

    Just two days after WaPo said it was "plausible" and "must be investigated", and less than week after finally getting access to Wuhan's high security virus lab (for the first time in over a year), WHO investigators have reported preliminary "independent" findings that the COVID virus came from...
  13. ShellsEarlyBird

    Censure these RINOS!

    Can we talk about another GOP Representative (Tom Rice of SC) getting censured by his constituents? Let's keep this momentum! These politicians need to remember just who put them into office and the reasoning behind why they are elected.