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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1959 (6/27/2022)

    Steve, What will prevent Jenna Griswold, Secretary of State for Colorado, from working with Dominion to steal the Republican primary election from Tina Peters for Secretary of State like how Brad Raffensperger stole the Republican primary for Secretary of State for Georgia?
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1914 (6/8/2022)

    Steve, In regard to Pelosi NOT doing her job in protecting the Capitol on January 6, 2021, I watched a video of a Lawyer talking about his active case in regards to January 6 in which he watched some of the 1400 hours of Capitol security video that Pelosi will not release. He indicated that he...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1893 (5/30/2022)

    Having problems logging in to join LIve Chat so want to let Steve know that Texas city UVALDE is pronounced U (you) Valde NOT O Valde. Just saying.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1876 (5/23/2022)

    We should be highly concerned about China and the WHO and World Economic Forum that is going on now in Geneva and Davos, Switzerland. If their is an emergency health crisis in our country, the WHO could send China into our country to resolve the emergency crisis so it does not spread to other...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1768 (4/8/2022)

    How about the National Guard working with local Police in stopping the Cartel bringing in drugs and from taking over the Texas border cities and towns?
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1768 (4/8/2022)

    What about the states in the interior with Republican Governors that are having O'Biden planes fly into their airports in the middle of the night with the Invaders from Mexico. Why can't National Guard in these states detain the Invaders, question them, and then fly them to Texas and then have...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1768 (4/8/2022)

    After Texas takes the lead, this would force Ducey to do the same in Arizona with Kari Lake pounding him daily to act.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1768 (4/8/2022)

    Steve, Why doesn't Governors Abbott and Ducey ask other states with Republican Governors to send a high portion of their state National Guard to the Texas and Arizona borders (i.e., at the shore of the Rio Grande) to apprehend the Invaders when they reach the US shore and take them to the...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1766 (4/7/2022)

    Thanks for getting AG Brnovich on your show and asking the tough questions and giving him time to explain his methodology and limitations of his investigation. (1) I want to know what is the status of AG interviewing the county officials that were caught on Security videos operating computers...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1741 (3/28/2022)

    Dr. Naomi Wolf suggested that after the 2500 Posse volunteers assist by reading portions of the 55,000 pages of Pfizer documents, they could work on other stories. How about the Posse reading all of the US House and Senate bills that our representatives are NOT reading prior to them being voted...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1681 (3/3/2022)

    The Trifecta of Invasions is nearly complete. 1. Terrorists have invaded our southern border. 2. Russia has invaded Ukranine. 3. CCP will invade Taiwan next while Biden and defectors pretend to be involved with Russia move unless the free-world stops it.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1681 (3/3/2022)

    The Board of Education and Labor Unions are part of the Global Program to destroy America by NOT educating our children and instead teach them how to "rat" out their parents. This has been going on for a long time. While this is going on, they are in the process of killing America via the...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1675 (3/1/2022)

    Steve - What about the "buried lead" in Dr. Naomi Wolf's statement that she is a "Former Democrat" - Is she now an Independent or MAGA?
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1675 (3/1/2022)

    I live in Texas, I am concerned that the AG will not be able to investigate Election Fraud based on the recent ruling by the Court of Criminal Appeals. AG Paxton has indicated that this will be catastrophic if it cannot be reversed. For example, if the Machines and Mail-in Ballots are not...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1675 (3/1/2022)

    Steve - You had Mike Lindell update MAGA on his newest lawsuit against the Election Machines. When is Mike going to update MAGA on the AGs filing a complaint at the US Supreme Court to prove the 2020 Election was fraudulent and a new election needs to be held using PAPER BALLOTS!
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1675 (3/1/2022)

    Looks like the Wisconsin legislature will be going out of session soon until January 2023, see below: I do not know whether the news report was accurate. They have reported that Gableman has...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1666 (2/25/2022)

    Biden could have taken the $85 billion of our military equipment from Afghanistan and dropped it off in Ukraine. If that was done, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine and the Taliban would not have our military equipment. Instead, the Deplorables paid for the equipment left in Afghanistan...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1665 (2/24/2022)

    Steve - Why doesn't the American Middle and Lower Classes stop buying China's products? Stop the CCP's revenue stream!
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1664 (2/24/2022)

    Steve: I don't miss many War Room sessions, so I do not remember the last time that you reported on the status of AGs filing a Complaint in the US Supreme Court in regard to the Stolen 2020 Election? Where is AG Paxton on this? What about AG Brnovich? What about the other Republican AGs...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1630 (2/10/2022)

    Steve and Boris - The new DHS statement of a Domestic Terrorist being someone who criticizes the Government. What about the various places in America that Sharia Law has been operating or where they are in the process of putting into place? It would seem to me that implementing Sharia Law...