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    Scooter Libbey didn’t DJT pardon him? Maybe Cheney set Libbey up after all?

    I am confused. Right. You knew that already. If Donald Trump pardoned Scooter Libbey was that something as magnanimous as it seemed? Why would Cheney’s be zealous to go tar and feather when supposedly their close ally Libbey went through hell for them and suffered the wrath of the Left due to...
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    Pence Cheney Haley

    Note the the triumvirate of 2024 wannabes have all tried to cling to the ProLife voting bloc . Pence was ProLife but not bold like DJT. Pence inserted himself into Students for Lofe only this year and like Cheney, wants to capture that vote for his own political gain. Evidence re Cheney (who...
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    What you are Describing would have been relevant but not essential- all Of America, heck, the world , knows what we have all been through and why so many showed up at the highways and byways and overpasses. All the effort spent on how WE the People feel would have distracted from The profound...
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    Sometimes the unedited evidence speaks more loudly than a narrative that is laid o we what people can see with their own eyes. I think the movie speaks as loudly as anything that the government stopped the people at the gates of their own legit place of freedom of expression. And we must pay...
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    I am so thankful that this young woman Claire Dooley made this journey with these great men and women of America - the community of Trucking, and made the film. This is a critical piece of work and is Exhibit A of the truth that our own government deliberately is discouraging Americans who hold...
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    Is this a race to vacuum up all the assets ?

    Looks like two things: US Russia and CCP All on a quest to suck up every asset: human (mass migration) land,(Ukraine and in the West all single family dwellings) luxuries(oligarch yachts) and cold hard cash(southern border Cartel money) Note DOJ sure hasn’t slowed down their prosecution of...
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    Stick to the Adverse outcome general stats , Naomi.

    Naomi Wolfe has done a surprisingly good job distilling out what matters from the Pfizer docs. The team working on it deserve much respect for their work. However lipid particle dynamics are much more complicated than what was presented today. Call in a Biochemist to interpret the data. Also...
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    A REAL BUNCH OF CLOWNS are putting on the Jan 6 "hearings"...

    Taxpayer funded Political ad for Leftist Marxists. Where is the FEC?
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1897 (6/1/2022)

    Dr Risch interview was one of the best on the subject of the China Virus in context of epidemiological basics spoken in an understandable language and Bannon should get a Pulitzer for the quality questions. Well done. Much appreciated .
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    Robert Frost said it well

    Climate Cultists, Adam2.0, and Covidians like Bill, make that “Dr. “Gates, self anointed as some kind of quack with a lotta dough, are evolutionists who are obsessed with putting themselves in the seat of God. No other God but God Creator Redeemer Lord. It matters to know Creation is true and...
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    It’s all worse than it seemed

    Thx Did 7% account for Kemp and R’bergers big wins though? That is what is puzzling . R votes would have given both of them wins and that’s hard to factor out. 2024 seems far away but the MAGA base there needs To be looked at. Something is going on that is happening within the R voter base in...
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    It’s all worse than it seemed

    Usually to draw that conclusion you have to rule out what the differentials are. That is to try to build a base that stands What comes when you yell Cheater. I don’t want to just follow the bouncing ball and try to see if I am missing something when it seems so impossible an outcome. But you can...
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    It’s all worse than it seemed

    Georgia cannot be lost. Instead of a forensic audit of the ballots there , a forensic audit of the voters in Georgia is needful. Georgians seem to love Trump and support MAGA. When you go there you see evidence of that. I saw the pro Trump regatta on Lake Lanier 2020- it was huge and bigger than...
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    It’s all worse than it seemed

    Georgia election: critical to know what happened. Kemp wins big / Perdue under performs to a degree that cannot be explained away by voter fraud. Raffensberger over 50%. 1. Was the hope of getting a runoff based on echo chamber lies 2. Was the portrayal of Kemp and Raffensberger as...
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    That’s my theory as well since nowhere can one find any votes for Stacey Abrams If she didn’t have to acquire one actual vote did she legally win the Democrat nomination?
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    You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

    DC has become the place of entombment and registers no pulse. Paging Dr. MAGA. Main Street USA needs to start CPR or the patient named the US of A will expire. Congress is bunkered in at what has become a catacomb in DC -sound proofed , deaf to the tax payers with delusions of reviving war to...
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1865 (5/18/2022)

    Hey Mr Bannon that sunburn ain’t a good idea We don’t want anything to happen to you so get ye to a dermatologist to do a skin check and be sure that UV exposure isn’t triggering anything . Asking for a friend.
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    Some US Senators disconnect answering machines and head home early

    Placed calls to Padilla and McConnell at exactly 6 pm ET yesterday. Switchboard guy very attitudified and recordings at both repeated at least twice and no prompt For leaving a message. In the case of Padilla that means at 3 pm PST (in the afternoon ) for his constituents on a Monday with...
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    Pence for Kemp

    Pence has to be sure he keeps anyone out of major office who would not be on the same side as him regarding J6 action. I am so disappointed in Mike Pence. He may be surprised at the negative feedback he gets from Georgians.
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    Anyone find an exemption to WIC requirements for illegal entrants?

    WIC has a requirement that those who receive vouchers for supplemental food and /or formula must meet criteria to be at nutritional risk. Ask anyone who has done the assessment and it is like all things federal detailed and specific Food insecurity can be a risk factor nutritionally but without...