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  1. Schaferhund

    PINNED: Russia / Ukraine War

    I know my opinion means nothing but the nations of the world who will not openly help the folks of Ukraine should send boatloads of silenced carbines and subsonic ammo to the brave folks of ukraine so that they can strike without giving away position. I believe this tactic would terrify and...
  2. Schaferhund

    Supreme Court Decisions

    very excellent point !!
  3. Schaferhund

    KARMA'S A BITCH: (breaking news)...CA-GOV. NEWSOM injured by MODERNA Booster Jab…(3rd)...Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS)…

    What goes around , comes around , Hey Gov embrace the suck , oh, and get well soon !
  4. Schaferhund

    September 14, 2021 'Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.' What If Nothing is Coming? By Brian C. Joondeph

    Article V was placed in the Constitution by the founders as a valuable alternative to shedding blood , yet to date only 15 states have come on board with the convention of states initiative. Many have said COS won't work. I would like to see the proof. What if in an answer to our prayers God...
  5. Schaferhund

    Fauci is Caught … !

    my momma always said "be sure your sins will find you out". I hope Fauci likes jail cuisine.
  6. Schaferhund


    Thanks for posting that. A bit of hope to start the day is always welcome.
  7. Schaferhund

    Lindell, show the receipts

    Can't agree more. Mike Please GET ON WITH IT !!!
  8. Schaferhund


    Sent Email to the slacker, Thanks for posting contact info !!
  9. Schaferhund

    Why was MTG Being so Discouraging About Reversing the Election?

    I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but,,,,,,,Since when in this country does anyone get caught stealing anything and then they are allowed to keep the fruits of their crime?? If someone robs a bank or burglarizes our home we don't just move on forgiving the thieves and install bigger locks...
  10. Schaferhund

    The Bible back in our schools

    They are afraid of something , but some of the same folks are ok with all the garbage that is being presented in schools today. It is NOT about religion but the father of lies can not have us teaching our progeny about ethics and morals.
  11. Schaferhund

    The Bible back in our schools

    Discernment is absolutely missing here.
  12. Schaferhund

    The Bible back in our schools

    In 1962 the Supreme Court took prayer out of public schools. In 1963 they then prohibited these same schools from having bibles in their classrooms. In 1962 teen pregnancy was at a decade low before rising to a 50% increase by 1970 and then to a 200% increase by 1993. in 1962 annual violent...
  13. Schaferhund

    The Bible back in our schools

    awesome assessment !!!! Thank You !!!!
  14. Schaferhund

    The Bible back in our schools

    Some folks bristle at the thought of ANYTHING relating to the Bible or the teachings of Jesus . Our Founders did NOT want a Government established religion yet they endorsed the teachings of the Bible in the Schools. I often wonder ,,,,where is the harm in indoctrinating our little ones early...
  15. Schaferhund

    The Bible back in our schools

    Some believe that teaching of "Ethics" and "Morals" as showcased in the ten commandments are helpful in forming young minds and their Moral compass. When these values are not taught at home where do folks get a base for their moral decisions ? Facebook, Twitter, Hollywood ?. Instead of...
  16. Schaferhund

    30,000 fake ballots found In Georgia audit… ‘They’re not real’

    Donald J. IS the President Elect !! Biden MUST be removed from office . A STOLEN Election MUST be reversed !!!!
  17. Schaferhund

    Supreme Court rules warrantless home gun confiscation is unconstitutional in 9-0 vote

    Let's hope that all of the Overeducated, Case Refusing, Black Robed ,Overpaid Bench Warriors check their dictionaries to be clear on the meaning of "Shall Not Be Infringed". And hope they remember which Amendment is the ONLY Amendment to contain that Important phrase. It is there for a reason...