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    Who really authorized the raid?

    Listen to what Bernie Karik says at the 5 minute mark in this interview. I posted this Monday night after we learned about the raid. Who was stupid enough to authorize a raid on Trump's home . . . . and why...
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    Another belly flop . . . Mike Lindell's "Trial Of The Machines" 20-21 Aug 22

    This will change our country forever! If history is any indication . . . . . that's hyperbolic nonsense. Lindell has promised this same thing several times and it never happens. I think he's doing great things behind the scenes. But his performances suck. He consistently over-promises...
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    Was Law & Order inside your home a difficult concept to understand growing up?

    Did you need lawyers and judges to find justice in your home growing up? I didn't. Nor did any of my friends. Generally, moms established the laws, served as judge and served as executioner of the punishments. Dads could be brought in for felony crimes. The laws were fairly simple to...
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    Steve Bannon for Vice President

    Works for me. She's easy on the eyes.
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    I agree. We're in it now. Just like any Monday Morning Quarterback, historians will have the final say as to when this war started. I say it started in 2020. We did see some clashes between Antifa/BLM and the Right but generally, they won most of those battles. And since the Battle Of The...
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    Secret Service HANDS AGENTS' phone numbers to Jan. 6 committee:

    Out of frigging control. If I were one of these new hires, I wouldn't start running up credit card bills unless you can pay them off by say . . . . January 2025. In fact, if we elect a Congress with balls, you may have no job after January 2023.
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    They will kill him. They cannot have him be President.

    And Berger wasn't THE PRESIDENT. As I understand it, something is "classified" if and only if the Executive Branch says it is. Therefore it's not clear that Trump actually removed any classified material to begin with. But Berger did.
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    Don't swap anybody. Let Griner rot.

    We can't say that we were never warned.
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    Undercover Mole inside Mar-A-Lago…

    In 1962, the Soviet Union put nuclear missiles in Cuba. Human intel reported large trucks moving all over the island. Then U-2 photography showed missiles out in the open. Then U-2 photography. showed surface-air defensive missiles arrayed exactly how it was done inside the Soviet Union...
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    As logically as I can . . . . I'd say that step #1 is the formation of a political party . . . or re-directing the Republican Party. This party needs a clear pro-America agenda. Part of the agenda is calling a Constitutional Convention where we get 38 states to agree to changes that will...
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    They will kill him. They cannot have him be President.

    Brilliant Glenn Beck monologue. At around the 5 min mark he says what we're all afraid of. They will do anything to stop President Trump from being Inaugurated in January 2025. In fact . . . . if we're on the same track as prior revolutions/civil wars . . . . political assassination comes...
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    Jared Kushner dropped the ball on the 2020 elections and screwed all of us

    Sure does. Has a big pair of cojones too.
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    The stats don't support that. Matt Walsh has a great discussion (which of course I couldn't find this morning) about how our belief that children "will grow out of it" is changing. Liberal kids stay liberal if the brain-washing was powerful enough, I suppose.
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    Steve Bannon for Vice President

    If we're going full-on diversity I say Lucy & Ricky. At least they'll be entertaining.
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    Our EVOLUTION is coming to a rapid STOPPPPPPPPPPPP

    I'm sure they are, Exhaustfan channels his wisdom from the dearly departed eunuch Marshall Applewhite and gleefully shares it with his devoted posse.
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    Jared Kushner dropped the ball on the 2020 elections and screwed all of us

    Great insight here. Says the jewsih Kushner was too busy working on the "Abraham Accords" to pay attention to the 2020 election. Fast Forward to 2:30 For those who've forgotten The agreement has made the jewish state of israel much...
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    Trump's head is in a vise. How does he escape?

    President Trump reminds me of this poor bastard from the movie Casino. On the one hand is Governor Ron DeSantis. While Trump sits in election limbo, DeSantis is Making Florida Great Again. He's making good policies, smashing Democrats and sex perverts and firing Soros prosecutors. The...
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    How dangerous would it be to eliminate the USA Federal Reserve Bank?

    This the thinking of a child. It's similar to this moron's question . . . . No, we can't all get along and no, we can't do what bannonfan recommends. We can't do ANY OF THAT unless we are willing to go to very far extremes . . . . . which none of you here are willing to do. I'm talking...
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    Secret Service HANDS AGENTS' phone numbers to Jan. 6 committee:

    That's great thinking Lady Patriot. Wow. Wish I'd thunk of it. :) From what I'm hearing this was a sort of legal "Watergate" where political operatives go into the opponents office and see what they can find. Apparently the FBI scooped up a lot of paperwork from many of the offices in...
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    Ed Henry: Fox News Turned Its Back On The MAGA Party And American People

    It would not be hard to launch a boycott. Boycotting can be one of our most powerful tools of resistance.