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    Message to the world from Australia Aboriginal elders
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    Australia need your help SOS - worldwide embassy protest -see video from one of our political prisoners just released before they take it down THANK YOU FOR SHARING AND YOUR SUPPORT...LETS GO BRANDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    German investigation video interview of a DR into virus patents and vaccine corruption by fauci and the likes over 20 yrs

    Not sure if anyone has seen this but it was sent to me by a friend in Florida..
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    Aussie Nazi communist thug police in Melbourne smash 70yr old lady into concrete road then pepper spray her.....she was standing still

    i watched the whole 1hr 40min recording of the was peaceful, not 1 person started any violence, the police herded them street by street until they had them trapped, then charged at the protestors, many fleeing, this old lady couldnt run....this clip never made it to mainstream media
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    US Military murder Innocent civilians by the 1000s...who is the bad boy in the world?
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    No wonder Kinzngers family disowned him...A special breed of w^&*er... Claims Trump has no new ideas...hmm..what has this dimwit brought to the table...?
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    No sympathy here for those that dont defend the Constitution...their Constitution is suffering Shouldve eaten Jills cookies instead...
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    Sorry Nicki..NO FORGIVENESS.....after publicly denouncing Trump she wants back in... Some americans are a special kind of evil.....they will destroy a person publicly then they pretend to be your best friend...what is this?
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    NOOOOOOO...Trump and Pence....dont let the traitor back in...complete suck he is...
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    Sidney - Proof.....well if the courts dont take any cases - just publish it ALL in newspapers and media to the world
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    This s&*ts me...lesbians being racist..chain them back to the kitchen Be grateful of the money making sport the WHITE man provided for you, WHITE man gave the...
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    91% Antifa in Portland set free....