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  1. cbad1

    War Room Throws Jack Maxey Under the Bus!

    It is very strange that they just stopped talking about Hunter Biden. Is the “where’s Hunter” hat still sitting on the mantle behind Steve Bannon? Very very interesting. It does now seem suspicious and like there is some major reason why they aren’t talking about it - all of a sudden 🤷‍♀️ And...
  2. cbad1

    Citizen Free Press

    Thank you so much!!
  3. cbad1

    Citizen Free Press

    On War Room, Kane mentioned a new sports site/platform/channel that he was launching. Can someone tell me the name of the site? Thx!
  4. cbad1

    Where's Jack Maxey?

    What did Raheem say about Jack & where he is? I believe he mentioned something in the live chat and I missed it. Thank you 😊
  5. cbad1

    Jack Maxey

    I missed it, what did Raheem say about Jack!?
  6. cbad1

    Where is Jack Maxey?

    Does anyone know what date he was last on Warroom?
  7. cbad1

    Live chat war room pandemic?

    Thank you!! I think I have it figured out, awesome! I will check it out tomorrow morning.
  8. cbad1

    Live chat war room pandemic?

    How do I access the live chat that Steven and Raheem are always referring to?