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  1. Schaferhund


    If you need a time out from the present anger, frustration and turmoil we are experiencing due to recent disgusting events I highly recommend taking the time to enjoy performance of Tommy Shaw and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra performance "Sing for the Day". Those young folks are amazing...
  2. Schaferhund


    Rino Rob Portman announced he will NOT seek reelection in 2022 , yay !! He will be sadly be missed by NO ONE in Ohio!! Folks keep up the pressure , they can't handle it !!!!!
  3. Schaferhund

    Convention of States

    Convention of States folks testified before the State Legislature of The Great State of Wyoming yesterday. Wyoming will vote on joining next week. If you live in Wyoming or have folks there now is time to call or email to strongly urge legislators to do right thing
  4. Schaferhund

    Convention of States

    The politicians are not listening to we the people. The founders gave us article five to correct this situation and add amendments to the constitution that suit us. It is time to go around the politicians with the convention of states provision . We don't need their permission and they...