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    Amazon Prime pulled documentary about justice Clarence Thomas during black history month. Here's what you can do:

    As many of you know CT recently voiced his dissatisfaction with his fellow justices regarding hearing the election fraud cases. Apparently someone at Amazon Prime didn't like what he had to say and his documentary Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words has been pulled and can no...
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    War Room is nearly completely ignoring the most important challenge ahead of us. Why?

    All this talk about Liz Cheney, taking over the Republican party, open borders etc. blah blah blah. NONE of this matters if we can't secure the integrity of our local, state and federal elections. Who cares about 2022 or if Trump runs in 2024 if the same bad actors and systems are still in...
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    This song should be War Room's bumper music

    I wrote/recorded this song last year hoping to get it to Trump to use on his campaign, but turns out he's a tough guy to reach. Anyway, it says what many of us have been thinking about our mainstream media for a long time and the chorus would be great for an intro on War Room. Not in it for...
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    The big, giant, screaming elephant in the room!

    I love the show, the guests, the discussion, the information and the occasional theme of "here's what you can do with this information the help create a positive change" etc., but what I simply cannot understand is how after this last election and after the hours and hours of talking about how...