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  1. Buster Scruggs

    What happens to Biden when Election Fraud cannot be denied

    I think the Military will step in when they go for the guns and people fight back. The people have no chance individually against local law enforcement. But images and video of SWAT invading homes of patriotic Americans to seize their guns will traumatize American and the Military. This will...
  2. Buster Scruggs

    BitChute no volume? and General Michael Flynn is going to be interviewed

    I logged on to BitChute but none of the videos give off sound. I click on the unmute button and nothing happens. Is anyone else having this problem? Also I understand Doug Billings is going to have on his show General Michael Flynn. It is scheduled for today (Friday February 5). That should be...
  3. Buster Scruggs

    Sorting fact from rumor

    Howdy partners! If you are like me I imagine you are trying to figure out what is what. I hear people make statements like "The President is cut off from the Pentagon" and "The Vice President hasn't moved into the Vice President mansion yet". Is there any proof of these rumors? Or is this...
  4. Buster Scruggs


    Trump supporters need a new message of support and direction from people like General Flynn.
  5. Buster Scruggs

    President Trump to Pardon Steve Bannon

    "He needs to pardon Assange even if trump received threats. Would be a massive let down if he does not And plays right into their hands." I heard Mitch threatened to lead the Senate on an impeachment vote if he did.
  6. Buster Scruggs

    Trump Releases Huge Final Video Message

    According to the X-22 report Trump will make his move in 3 hours when he boards Air Force One at 8 AM E.S.T.
  7. Buster Scruggs

    Trump Issues Immediate Order To His Family And Loved Ones…

    Howdy Folks My first reaction to hearing this was Trump is evacuating his friends and family ahead of his big purge.
  8. Buster Scruggs

    Documents Released

    "SO WHY ISN'T SIDNEY IN THE VIDEO?" Because Roby is presenting Fake News
  9. Buster Scruggs

    Who Should We Believe?

    Howdy my fellow Info warriors. I am reading here the word "loosing" in describing Republicans. The proper words (if you agree with this) is "losing" or "loser". Loose means to free something tightly bound. Like loosening up the rope. "Loosing" is like the word "gooder". Not really a word. My...