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    AOC Debuts Delusional Plan to Save the Planet

    What a mush mouth. Nothing I heard makes any sense
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    Mike Lindell: The Better Business Bureau Took Me From A+ to F

    Strictly political decision. BBB is worthless as an organization.
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    Bannon: Here’s What You Should Do With The RNC Donation Request

    I send mine back with a zero mark and tell them no money because they abandoned Trump
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    WATCH: Biden’s handlers aggressively prevent the press from asking POTUS any questions

    One upside to Kamala being president is that Hillary won’t be the first woman president. It will eat at her gut for the rest of her life. Her cold black heart will be consumed by hate.
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    Trudeau: Your banned guns are useless now...

    History repeats its self.
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    John Kerry Blames Frigid Temperatures and Record Cold on Global Warming

    They must really think we are stupid. Well I guess he’s right there I mean one third the country voted for biden.
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    Trudeau: Your banned guns are useless now...

    What about using them on the people coming to get them?
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    Trump Hints At What’s Coming Next…

    I keep reading about the fact that this is not over and that a trap is about to be sprung on the criminal dems. I can only hope.